Unethical? Illegal?

it has come to my attention, that the Kurt Meyer campaign has excepted a $500 donation and endorsment of the Mitchell County Central Committee.  See link below for confirmation off his own website.


My understanding was that this is not a common practice from central committees to endorse and donate money to an individual candidate if there is more then one candidate running, unitl AFTER the primaries. It could be construed as unethical and possiblly against campaign finance regulations. 

I have heard that there are some in the Iowa Democratic Party that may be contemplating filing a complaint against Kurt and/or the Mitchell County Central Committee.

 This is an open discussion, and any and all information would be greatly appreciated.

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  • Illegal? No. Right? Doubtful.

    I doubt it is illegal, $500 sounds like a small amount.  But is does not seem right that a Central Committee that purports to represent ALL democrats in Mitchell County would fund a candidate in a race with four good democrats fighting for the right to run in the general.  I wonder if it is against state party rules…….

  • I am certain this is not illegal

    I don’t know if there are state party rules governing this situation.

    I agree that it would be better for Democratic Party entities to remain neutral in competitive primaries.

  • central committee

    according to the central committee i am on here in Webster County, they say i am fine to work on a campaign, but they are not going to endorse or donate to a single candidate until AFTER the primary. I didn’t get a chance to talk to Kim on the details, but I would assume it is the same around the state.  

  • Mitchell County

     central committee was contacted about this issue, and they said “we didn’t know there was more then one candidate”.  Sounds like a cop out to me. How can u be on a central committee and not know what is going on in ur district?

    Kurt could do the honorable thing and return the $500 donation and thank them for their generosity, and explain to them, he is NOT the only candidate running.

    Maybe the Mitchell County central committee could look into the other candidates and invite them all up to speak to the committee and find out all their view points.  

    • Benefit of the doubt...

      I guess I’ll give them the benefit of the doubt then and hope that they’re simply incredibly out of the loop rather than ethically questionable.

      If nothing else, this should be a lesson to people to try to keep up with what’s going on on their local central committees.

      PS: I kinda like the cut-out idea, I think it’s neat…