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I just wanted to tell everyone about the young Democrats group I started at DMACC Boone Campus. I am hoping we can get some state Legislatures to speak. I am also hoping we are able to blog, canvass, and in all other ways help out the IDP.

If you have any suggestions about how a group of young democrats can help our party or if you would like to attend one of these get togethers. Drop me a line on this blog post and I'll make sure I get back to you promptly!




Adam Smith

DMACC Boone Democrats

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  • question

    do any of the other DMACC campuses have young democrat clubs?

  • good for you!

    I would encourage your groups to get involved in volunteering for some of the campaigns in your area–either for Congressional candidates in the 4th district or for a statehouse campaign. I think there is a contested state Senate seat in the Boone area.

  • Congratulations

    This student will be joining your group.  How about establishing a chapter of Student Veterans of America at DMACC?

  • Great Job.

    I started the Campus Democrats here at Waldorf College in Forest City. We held 3 awesome events this year. We started with a Mock caucus followed by a Rock the Vote style voter registration, and then just a couple weeks ago I met with Kurt Meyer, who is running for Congress in our 4th district (if you might not have known) and we held a absentee ballot awarness day.

    I think that is one of the big things that need to happen and you should start with. Go to you county Auditor and get some registration and some absentee ballot request forms and get as many people signed up as possible. That will greatly help our party on June 3rd and November 4th. That would be a start and I hope to get Kurt Meyer back here in the fall, if he gets past the primary on the 3rd.

    If you want to discuss more please feel free to contact me at (make sure there are 2 underscores)

    Thank you for taking the time to start a group like that.

    Take care and good luck,

    An Cat Dubh