Whats Really getting under my skin

Alright, It seems to be buzzing everywhere on the blogs. Honestly I am tired of it. The smoking ban is one of the greatest steps forward I have seen Iowa take in a while and here are my reasons why…

1. Helps Prevent Fires

2. Provides a healthy work environment for thousands of employees.

3. Provides a healthy enviornment for many patrons of resturants/bars.

4. Helps control litter (ciggerette butts, wrappers, etc)

5. Helps Iowans save money by keeping people out of the hospital/mourge from cancer caused by second hand smoke.



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  • if France can ban smoking in public

    Iowa should have no trouble adapting.

    I am 100 percent with you.

    I only learned after becoming a mother and reading up on SIDS how much exposure to smoke during pregnancy can increase the risk of the baby dying of SIDS (even if the mother doesn’t smoke after the baby is born).

  • fairness

    I totally agree smoking is unhealthy for everyone involved. The thing that erks me the most though, is how the state decided for us what places of business could still smoke.

    If they would of just made it a total smoke free state instead of putting in all the inclusions, there wouldn’t be all the buzz going around.

    Out of your points, the only thing I disagree on is the litter. When people start smoking outside, where do u think all those wrappers and butts will go? streets, sidewalks, ditches, other peoples yards, etc..

    Maybe we should put a nickle deposit on the cigerette packs also.  LOL  

    • I concede

      on the litter, I was talking more about public facilities in which it is not legal to smoke inside, and now will be against the law to smoke outside the building

      Casinos werent decided not because of anything malicious, But because it would give an unfair advantage to native American Casinos that are on federal land and thus have no smoking ban.

      As for Vet homes, I suppose it is unfair to the veteran non smokers, I’ll give you that, and for the people working there.

      No deposit on ciggerette packs.

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