Gore and Clark raising money for Boswell

A envelope from the Boswell campaign arrived in the mail today. Inside was a letter from Al Gore asking me to donate $20.00 to Boswell's campaign, symbolizing the 2000 election "when Leonard stood by my side". The text was identical to a recent e-mail Gore sent out on Boswell's behalf, which I reproduced at the end of this post.

Unlike Matt Stoller, who is mad that Gore is helping Boswell's campaign, I can't fault him for getting involved. It won't change the minds of many Gore voters like myself, who favor Fallon, but it might activate other Gore supporters who are unreliable primary voters.

Frankly, I'm more annoyed at Gore for sitting out this presidential election. He would have been a much better candidate, and probably a much better president, than either Hillary or Obama.  

But what's done is done.

Getting back to the third district primary, I received a copy of an e-mail sent out by Wesley Clark's political action committee, WesPAC, which solicits donations for the Congressional campaigns of three veterans, including Boswell. Here are the relevant portions of that e-mail:

Dear [Recipient],

We need veterans like Ashwin Madia, Tim Walz, and Leonard Boswell in Congress to lead us out of Iraq  and to support our troops. Click  here to donate to their campaigns today!

It's no surprise that a war veteran, Senator Jim Webb,  has led the fight in expanding the GI Bill to give our troops the  education benefits they were promised. Those who have worn the uniform know first-hand how much our troops have sacrificed and what it takes to  support members of the armed forces.

That's why it was critical our community helped elect  Jim Webb in 2006, and it's also the reason I'm backing three veterans who  are running for Congress this fall. Though 30,000 Americans have signed a  petition in support of Senator Webb's GI Bill, our opponents are already  weakening the bill because it is too "generous" for our troops.  We need more veterans in Congress who will help bring our soldiers home  from Iraq and stand up for those who have defended our nation.

Join me and support veteran candidates Ashwin  Madia, Tim Walz, and Leonard Boswell by donating to their campaigns  today!


Leonard  Boswell

In 2006, WesPAC helped Leonard Boswell fight off a  "swiftboat" attempt on him in Iowa, and our efforts helped  re-elect Leonard. As a 20-year veteran of the Army, he too supports an  expanded GI Bill for our veterans and has pushed for increases in funding  for the Department of Veterans Affairs.

We can't afford to lose a true American hero like  Leonard in Congress, and we can't take it for granted that the right-wing  won't smear him again this November. Help re-elect Congressman Boswell  by donating to his campaign now!


The insight of those who serve in the armed forces is  too often lost in our nation's dialogue about foreign policy, health  care, education, and veterans issues. With your support, we'll strengthen  the voices of those who have risked their lives for our country by sending 3 veterans to Congress in 2008.

Thank you for your support.


Wes Clark

I wish Boswell or one of his high-profile supporters would defend the Congressional votes that prompted Ed Fallon to run in this primary. But from the incumbent's perspective, the less said about that, the better.

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