The yard signs are out in the third district primary

I'm seeing more and more yard signs for Leonard Boswell and Ed Fallon as I drive around the western part of Des Moines and the suburbs. The Boswell signs are the same style he's been using for years, with a blue background and "Boswell for Congress" written in cursive white lettering. The Fallon signs are white with "Fallon for Congress" in green, and the tag line "New energy for Iowa" below in red letters.

Most of the time, these signs are the only ones in the yards. However, I've noticed quite a few homes with signs for both Hillary and Boswell. Similarly, I've noticed a lot of yards with Fallon signs and either the Obama "HOPE" sign or an anti-war sign such as "Support our Troops--End the War."

I'm on the lookout for yards with signs for Hillary and Fallon, or for Obama and Boswell, but I haven't seen any of those yet. Please put up a comment if you've seen either of those combinations anywhere in the district.

It has to be good for the challenger that so many people driving around are getting the impression that Obama supporters also lean toward Fallon. That's certainly true for many people I know who caucused for Obama.

  • I was actually watching the news

    Channel 8 or 13, can't remember, but I was shocked when I saw an Obama and Boswell combo.

    In other news...this former Edwards supporter looks like they'll be supporting Obama against McCain. Hillary got shut out tonight... Hillary always impressed me with her knowledge, etc... but she or her campaign would always to something to irk me and counter-balance it. I've already seen McCain signs start to pop up...we need to start drowning the Des Moines metro and entire state of Iowa in Obama "Hope" signs. Democrats...the primary is over, re-focus on what the real target was all along, John McCain.  

    • I've been taking the fight to McCain already

      in case you hadn't noticed. 🙂

      I won't be putting up one of those HOPE signs, though. I dislike that corporate-looking sunrise logo. Obviously, I know nothing about marketing, because everyone else seems to think it's great.

      Maybe the Obama/Boswell combo was in front of Gordon Fischer's house...

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