Howdy from the Bailey campaign!


I am currently volunteering for McKinley Bailey's campaign for re-election.

Two years ago we shocked the state by putting a democrat in a district that is overwhelmingly Republican. Now we are facing another challange in Representative Bailey's campaign fo his first re-election.

Through my activities in the blogosphere, I hope to reach out to activitist, people running for other offices in the area and also to get in touch with possible donors and volunters.


I also want to get on a personal basis democrats across the state and really get a finger on the pulse of issues that are important to you.


Here are some links that I hope you will check out for more information


Hope you will check them out and see if you can get involved


Thanks again for listening


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Bailey Campaigner

  • thank you for volunteering

    When you write a diary, if you click on “auto format” I think it will be easier to embed links to websites in the diary.

    Good luck and be sure McKinley Bailey knows that any diary that any Democratic candidate in Iowa posts at Bleeding Heartland will be promoted to the front page.  

  • Campaigning for you

    You are the fast rising star in the Democratic Party and I am looking forward to assisting you in any way I can.  I appreciate everything you’ve done to promote fellow Veterans and will be stumping for you later this week when I’m through town.