Mother's Day links and open thread

Here are some links for you to enjoy on Mother’s Day.

If you are a mother with children of any age, chances are you will find articles worth reading at Mothering magazine’s site, or discussion forums on topics that interest you at

If you are a new mother, you can find valuable information and support at the websites of Attachment Parenting International and La Leche League. has good information on medical and parenting topics, relating to older children as well as babies and toddlers.

I also want to pay tribute to LaVon Griffieon, a friend who has inspired me by balancing her passion for making the world a better place with running a farm and bringing up four children.

The Griffieons are being profiled in a series of reports on National Public Radio: here is a link.

LaVon won the Iowa Natural Heritage Foundation’s Hagie Heritage Award in 2000. Read why here.

Drake University and the alternative weekly Cityview gave LaVon the Central Iowa Activist Award for Environmental Activism in 2004.

Marc Hansen recently profiled LaVon in the Des Moines Register.

This amazing woman even figured out that she could save time by roasting a Thanksgiving turkey in the back of her minivan while driving to a relative’s home. Unfortunately, I can’t link to the article which told this story last November, because the Des Moines Register does not make its archives available for free.

If you know a particularly inspiring mother, tell her you admire her and why.

If Mother’s Day is painful for you, either because your mother didn’t provide the childhood you would have wanted, or because you are the parent of a child who has died, I recommend this diary Cronesense posted at Daily Kos last year: Mother’s Day – the other side of the coin.

UPDATE: Frankenoid’s diary, Mother’s Day in the Land of the Bereaved, is also very moving.

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