At least Ed Fallon Didn't Vote for this Guy

Why is it wrong for Ed Fallon to have voted for supposed spoiler Ralph Nader, but nobody notices that Boswell is on record supporting the McCain's new foreign policy buddy?

 Joe and John

Old Joe Lieberman checked the “bearings” of Johnny Mac:

“I just want to report that this morning I personally checked John McCain’s bearings. He has not lost any of them. They are all in really great shape.”

(-from a CNN interview) 

I have just one word for Joe's personal bearings check- “Yuck.”

Unfortunately I have to admit that I too voted for the Sore/Loserman ticket in 2000. Double Yuck!


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el toro

  • Excellant point

    Fallon had the smarts to see who Lieberman was, long before the rest of us.

  • Fallon

    Fallon is just too stupid to be in Congress or any other responsible position.  In 2000 he supported George Bush for president.  If he is that damn dumb to thing Bush would have made a better president than Al Gore.  Than he his too damn dumb to be in congress.

    Granted Gore did carry Iowa.  But Fallon and all the clowns that supported Nader/Bush forced Gore to spend time and money that could have been spent in West Virginia, Arkansas, Tennessee.  Any of those states would have tipped the balence to Gore and that prick Lieberman.  I won’t count Florida as it was stolen months before the first vote was cast.

    Washington, Oregon, Minnesota, and Wisconsin were also safe Gore states.  But the idiots that supported Nader/Bush forced Gore to spend alot of time and money in those states to protect his lead.  There again by forcing Al Gore to spend time and moeny in safe states the Nader/Bush team kept Gore out of competitaive states.

    I like Fallons positions on the issues.  But on the most important issue which is common sense.  He failed.  He didn’t just drop the ball.  He had his jock strap pulled over his eyes while tripping around trying to find the door.

    If Fallon was that damn stupid in 2000 to think that Bush would have made a better president than Al Gore.  Ed Fallon can burn in Hell.

    Keith Nichols

    • I understand your perspective

      but since no one else has stepped up (or will ever step up) to challenge Boswell in a primary, I’m going to seize the opportunity to vote for someone who will represent my views in Congress better.

    • in hell, we burn together

      Fallon didn’t think that “Bush would have made a better president than Al Gore”

      he thought the Nader would have made a better president than both.

      And I understand Fallon’s perspective on that point.