• You've Got My Vote


    My name is Bill Spencer and I’ll be voting for you on the third.

    I feel as though you will win.  But, if for some reason this nomination is stolen from you, please consider running as an Independent Democrat like Joe Lieberman.

    Keep working hard.

    • I don't care for your implication

      that your preferred candidate can only lose on June 3 if the nomination is “stolen” from him.

      Furthermore, Bleeding Heartland will strongly support the winner of the fourth district primary.

      There is no reason for any Democrat to run as an independent and split the vote against Tom Latham.

      By the way, Lieberman is not much of a Democrat. Not only has he endorsed McCain, he is involved with a sleazy Republican 527 group:


  • Independent

    I know William will NEVER run as an Independent when he looses next Tuesday.  He was out spent and never had a chance against the party insiders.  William was a Marine and knows how to follow orders, he will support the nominee of our party to take out Tom Latham!  He cannot afford to ruffle any feathers.

  • Honor?

    I know William indicates he was a Marine, but I am sure there are better ways to honor the dead veterans than by standing on top of their graves for political purposes.

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