Register backs Greenwald in fourth district primary

No time for a long post now, but you can read the Des Moines Register’s endorsement of Becky Greenwald here.

I had a feeling they would go that way.

Let’s try to keep it civil, people. The editorial board had nice things to say about all the candidates.

If anyone attends tonight’s candidate forum in Ames, please put up a diary afterwards.

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  • Not as strong an endorsement as I expected...

    It was interesting to see that the last line was “We believe Greenwald is one such candidate.”  I would have expected an endorsement laying out distinct policy differences or concerns, but none were listed.  Although the invocation of the endorsement may sway people, it seems unlikely that the content of the article itself would.  I’m kind of surprised by that.

    • I agree with you there

      Maybe the candidates have not emphasized their policy differences, but you’d think the Register would have said more about some of the issues.

  • Strange endorsement

    I have not followed this race and have no horse in it.  Almost seemed like the Register people didn’t want or have interest to look at the candidates and their positions more closely.  

    • thinking register editors

      thought the race was to close to call and didn’t want to stand behind any one candidate, but chose Becky as “one such candidate”.  I do know the Registers Editor Staff did sit down and meet with all 4 candidates in one day.  

  • Endorsement

    The Register has a female editorial board.  They like to endorse woemen.  In 2006 they selected a very weak candidate in the 5th district.  They endorsed Joyce Schulte who in 2004 got 37% of the vote.  She couldn’t raise any money.  They endorsed her over a very competetent Bob Chambers who could have raised the money to lead a strong challenge to that asshole Steve King.

    If William Myers gets the nomination he can draw from Independents and republicans.  The Marine could beat Latham.  Becky probably won’t.

    • Bob Chambers

      Love the guy. When I volunteered to help set-up the Step It Up event in November I believe, Bob Chambers came all the way to the State Capitol to campaign for the 5th district! He’s dropped out now, but it really showed what a guy he was. A candidate all the way from western Iowa showing up and not even our elected officials like Boswell would show up.