Boswell's closing argument: I'm loyal, he was for Nader

I have not seen this ad yet, and I can't find anything on You Tube or Leonard Boswell's campaign website, but the Des Moines Register on Wednesday summarized a 30-second television commercial Boswell has started running:

OPPOSITION TO BUSH: Boswell, who is seeking his seventh term, highlights in the ad his opposition to proposed Bush administration spending cuts in college loan programs this year. Boswell, facing a challenge from former state Rep. Ed Fallon of Des Moines, has been criticized by some liberals for supporting some Bush administration proposals.

A LOYAL DEMOCRAT: The ad closes with a narrator saying, "Leonard Boswell, a trusted Democrat, always standing up for you."

I'll update this post with the video if someone can send me the link.

Good for Boswell for opposing spending cuts in college loan programs. (If he had been consistently willing to stand up to the Bush administration and the Republican policy agenda, this primary wouldn't even be happening, but that's another story.)

Also on Wednesday, I received a direct-mail piece from the Boswell campaign about Ed Fallon's support for Ralph Nader in 2000. This is the third such mailing the campaign has sent out. The first two hit mailboxes in April, and I transcribed them here and here.

This mailing is similar in design, but it uses a normal font instead of that "scary font" that looks like it came from a ransom note, which appeared in the earlier two Nader mailings.

On one side, there's a photo of the bottom half of Fallon's smiling face, and this text (partly in white, partly in Hawkeye gold against a black background):

Ed Fallon opposed Al Gore in 2000

"If I had three hands maybe I could hold my nose, my gut and my mouth and vote for Al Gore. But in good conscience, I can't, I won't, and you shouldn't either."

(New York Times, 10/29/2000)

Fallon supported Ralph Nader instead...

The other side has large photos of Fallon's and Nader's faces next to each other. The text reads:

Ed Fallon Let Iowa Democrats Down by Endorsing Ralph Nader

Ed Fallon claims to be a real Democrat, but in 2000 he helped elect George Bush by endorsing and actively campaigning for Ralph Nader.1 The Bush presidency has been a disaster. We are mired in a War with no exit strategy and have an economy in recession with rising costs that are hurting Iowans. Ed Fallon now says it was a mistake, but his judgment let Iowa Democrats and our nation down--how can we trust him to represent our values in Congress?

1 Des Moines Register, 1/25/01, 11/18/00, 10/31/00

Enough Phony Politics. Say NO to Ed Fallon.

For several weeks a photo of Gore along with a quote supporting Boswell have been prominently featured on the front page of Boswell's campaign website.

I've been saying all year that Nader is a strong card for Boswell to play, because it's the only way for this incumbent who has repeatedly voted with Republicans and corporate interests to cast himself as a more loyal Democrat than Fallon.

I know people who are voting for Boswell solely because of Nader.

That said, many Gore voters like myself have decided that this isn't a deal-breaker, in light of Boswell's voting record.

I have no idea whether a third Nader mailing will push additional voters into Boswell's camp. By now everyone politically active knows about this issue.

Final, unrelated point: Marc Hansen's latest column on Boswell's refusal to debate is funny.

  • Anything definitive on the FISA sell-out thing yet?

    I'm over in IA-2, so I don't see any of the ads or mailers. Boswell's eagerness to undermine the Constitution, after waffling on the whole thing to cover his ass for a couple months, would seem a big hammer for Fallon to bang back with, and hard. I was frankly disappointed that the Register's endorsement didn't touch on it, since this whole election, nationally, is about resotring rule-by-law versus the rule-by-Bush-fiat experiment that Boswell so happily enabled.

    I know you've been on top of it, but I've been out of the blog-loop for a bit.  

    • Boswell's office won't talk to me

      or respond to my voice-mail messages, so I don't know whether he was the Democrat who sided with Republicans trying to get retroactive immunity for telecommunications companies through the House.

      If he stuck with the other House Intelligence Committee Democrats on that issue, I would think it would be in his interest to say so. But we don't have any proof one way or the other yet.

      I am not aware of any journalist pressing Boswell's office on this issue.

  • The silence appears damning

    Not to mention all-encompassing as pertains to the Boswell campaign. Yellow Dog would seem to be apropos again.

    Boswell sides with the boo-yahing Bushian bullyboys time and again, and now he's a hiding in the corner when called to justify his actions in front of his constituents. Now that's "leadership."

    F---ing coward.    

    • It's going to be tough....

      to vote for him again in November.

      He's better than a Lamberti or Thompson but not by as much as he should be.

      (I think he wins on Tuesday.)

      • If he wins on Tuesday

        I will have no problem voting for Boswell against a Republican in November.

        I won't give him money, volunteer for him, or put a bumper sticker on my car, though.

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