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In 1920 the 19 th amendment was passed, giving women in Iowa and everywhere else in the United States the right to vote. Even before it was passed several western states allowed women to vote and in 1916 Jeannette Rankin was the first woman elected to congress. Since then 249 women have been elected to the House of Representatives—none of them from Iowa. Iowa is only one of two states (the other is Mississippi) that has never elected a woman congress person or governor. Astonishing. 

Several people (all men) have asked me why the gender of a candidate matters. My answer is that it matters because we are electing a representative—someone who is supposed to represent voters—and half of the voters in Iowa are female. Yet all of Iowa's representatives, both of its senators, and its governor are all male.

That said, I could never vote for a candidate just because of her gender, so I looked at all of the democratic candidates for the fourth district and these are the reasons that I believe that Becky Greenwald is the best candidate:

First, Becky Greenwald is the most electable in the general election. Unlike some of the other candidates, she has spent decades building relationships in the district. She's worked in the democratic party for years, helping other democrats to be elected. This has paid off for her in endorsements (Tom and Christie Vilsack, several state senators and representatives, and the Des Moines Register).

Secondly, she is doing well at fund raising. She's raised the most of any of the candidates on Act Blue. Not counting self-funding, she has raised more than any other of the candidates period. Two of the candidates have not even raised enough money to have to file financial reports—which means that they have raised less than $5000 each. It is imperative that the democratic nominee have the money needed to face Tom Lathem in the general election. None of the democratic candidates have much name recognition. Whoever gets the nomination will have to be able to afford to advertise to get his or her name out there.

I will support whomever gets the nomination, but I'm backing Becky because I believe that she best represents my interests and because I know she has the best chance of being elected in November.

Lori Hebel, Emmetsburg, IA 

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  • thanks for your post

    On a related subject, I have been trying to remember all the Iowa women who have been nominated for Congress. I am not aware of any Republican women, but I may be forgetting someone, and I know there’s a chance a woman may be nominated to run against Loebsack in IA-02 this year.

    Here are the Democratic women I can think of so far:

    Elaine Baxter (Iowa Secretary of State, ran against Jim Ross Lightfoot in IA-03 in 1994)

    Sheila McGuire (ran against Tom Latham in IA-05 in 1994)

    Ann Hutchinson (former mayor of Bettendorf, ran against Jim Nussle in IA-01 in 2002)

    Julie Thomas (Cedar Rapids doctor, ran against Jim Leach in IA-02 in 2002)

    Joyce Schulte (ran against Steve King in IA-05 in 2004 and 2006)

    Who am I forgetting?

    • After Tuesday it'll be six...

      My guess is that Mariannette Miller-Meeks will win the 02 primary. I’d call it a strong chance that the list goes to six after Tuesday.

      I think she’ll be a strong candidate, and frankly, she makes me a little nervous.

      • Strong candidate

        I agree, but Loebsack is riding an Obama wave, and all the GOP’s running state are crippled by the fact that John McCain has seeded Iowa to Obama.

        His lack of support for farmers and Obama’s huge registeration drive and infrastructure building really make me think we have a blue thumping that will make 2006 look like nothing.

        It is all about timing, in two years…who knows? but the here and now has things stacked against the Pubs

    • wow, good facts!

      Thanks for the substanitive fact-finding!

  • Greenwald is best candidate for General

    Born and raised in the district Becky knows the hardships people face.  She has been able to pull in more donors than all of her opponents combined.  She could bring together the DCCC, Emily’s List, labor and the ag community.  If we are going to win in November, LoriH is right, Becky is our best candidate.

  • Project Vote Smart

    “Becky Greenwald repeatedly refused to provide any responses to citizens on the issues through the 2008 Political Courage Test when asked to do so by national leaders of the political parties, prominent members of the media, Project Vote Smart President Richard Kimball, and Project Vote Smart staff.”

    If Becky is not going to tell us what she believes, how in the world do we know if she will be our strongest candidate against Tom Latham?

    I don’t think we can trust her.  She’s not forthcoming at all and she’s connected to the Clinton campaign and we all know how they’ve tried to divide our party which only further divides our country.

    Say NO to “Don’t Debate Becky” and say YES to William Meyers.

    I’m new to Iowa and new to the party but if William does not win, I’ll be voting for Latham because at least I know where he stands on issues.  I know what I’m getting.  

    I voted for Obama and I’m becoming more skeptial of those Clinton supporters.

    William Meyers for Congress!

    • Clinton Supporters

      I like Senator Obama and I respect his idealism as I do yours.  Respectfully, since “those Clinton supporters” make up about 50% of the Democratic party, I suggest care when touching issues regarding her.  The future of our party, I am often told, hinges on how well she loses, but it seems just as important you Obama supporters win graciously.

      Besides, this really isn’t the forum to start a Clinton/Obama war, is it?  

      In the spirit of more positive participation, please try naming the things you like about your own candidate rather than simply dumping on everyone else.  

      Here’s a few things I like about Becky Greenwald:

      1) She’s proficient in Marketing, and that is an excellent trait in a candidate that is going to face such an entrenched opponent.

      2) She’s good at raising money, and has raised more money from non-personal contributions than all the other candidates combined.

      3) She’s spent years laying groundwork for this candidacy by being deeply involved in regional politics.  As proof, she’s received the endorsement of successful and high-ranking Democrats in Iowa, such as former Governor Vilsack.

      Here’s a few things I like about William Meyers, though.

      1) I deeply respect his military background.

      2) I admire his guts.  It takes a lot to throw your hat in the ring, and it speaks volumes about his initiative that he’s done so.  

      While I still support Ms. Greenwald, I hope that Mr. Meyers continues and deepens his involvement in the party.  It will be interesting to see what fruit that effort will bear in a few years.