Vilsaks & Register Endorse Appalling Behavior

(As I've said, I am promoting all diaries by Democratic candidates in Iowa to the front page of Bleeding Heartland. It's unfortunate that William Meyers feels the process has been unfair. I strongly urge him (and all Democrats running for any office) to support the winner of tomorrow's primary. - promoted by desmoinesdem)


Six months ago I made my first official contact with each and every Democratic County Chair, introducing myself, and my candidacy for the United States House of Representatives.  Six months later, Chairpersons in key counties still deny me access to their Democrats.  I have asked multiple times, and even done so in my email newsletters, viewed by thousands of Democrats in the fourth district.  Additionally,  my email news program allows me to track who opens the emails, the date and time they opened them, links they may have clicked on, and who they may have forwarded the emails to.



I am certain these individuals have kept me at bay, until either they figured out which rock I climbed out from under, or until Becky Greenwald caught up as much as possible.  Which are these key counties and what are their connections to Greenwald?


Warren County:  Don Ruby serves as county chair and is also serves on the district central committee with Becky Greenwald.  Don Ruby has taken the time to read each and every one of my email newsletters, especially the ones where I nearly begged for introduction to certain counties.  Warren is a very populated county and without access to party activists, I am sure to be without any sort of voter base there.


Dallas County:  Becky Greenwald has been serving as county chair.  Becky also serves on the district central committee.  Former Governor Vilsak and wife Christie are also active members of the Dallas County Dems.   Becky has read my email newsletters, refused to respond to phone messages and emails (common complaint from Democrats in the district and media outlets across Iowa).  Being denied access to a county with a large population is sure to cost me an enormous amount of votes.


Webster County:  Kim Motl is the chair and also on the district central committee.   Kim claimed she didn’t receive my correspondence because she had changed all of her contact information.  First off, that’s poor leadership.  If you are a leader and change your information, you must submit that to the state party at the same time you contact your family with the new information.  After she was informed by Becky at my attempts to decry the situation, she not only called me, cursed at me, and threatened me, but then kept me at bay for several months, until I worked my way in last month, thanks to my volunteer campaign manager, who is also on the central committee in Webster.  This limited access is sure to cost me a large number of votes.


Kossuth County: Linda Vaught is county co-chair and member of the district central committee.  Not only did I meet personally with the other co-chair, hand him my cards, ask about future meetings, ask him to contact me, he has also opened each and every one of my email newsletters.


Apart from Becky’s central committee friends and their strategies, we have another county, which deserves some attention.

Mitchell County:  Kurt Meyer’s home county.  They went against practical party policies and endorsed Kurt in the early going and even gave him $500.  Their claim was they didn’t realize any one else was in the race.  I still haven’t been given access the Democrats of Mitchell County.


What is interesting, my home county of Humboldt has kept an open door policy and has continued to invite all four candidates to each and every single event.  In fact, tomorrow, the first day of June all four candidates have been invited to a Democratic BBQ in Humboldt County.


I wish the Humboldt way, was the way of the entire district, to especially include the counties in which our so-called Democratic leaders hail.


It appalls me that the Vilsaks and the Des Moines Register have endorsed this type of behavior and the Vilsaks should be ashamed of their D.L.C. tactics.


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William J. Meyers

  • William Meyers, Independent for Congress

    William, You are too smart and too gifted not to run this all the way to November.  If these Democrats are against you and your ideas, shouldn’t you just run as an Independent?

    I think you could make the race very interesting.

    You’ve got my vote for Tuesday June 3 and Tuesday Nov. 4.

    • I am against any Democrat

      running as an independent in the general election. That would accomplish nothing besides handing the election to Latham.

      • agreed

        There is no way any of them could win as an independent either. It is going to be hard enough to unseat Lathem. I very much hope that Becky wins the nomination, but if she does not then I will support the Democrat who does.  

  • Tuesday

    William, when our “Democratic” Party rejects you on Tuesday, I be there to help start collecting signatures for your bid as an Independent.  Veterans need to stick together.

  • could you please clarify

    what kind of access you have been denied by county chairs? Are you saying they refused to forward your e-mail newsletters to their own lists?

    Or were you seeking other voter information, or simply a schedule of upcoming Democratic events?

    As far as I know, candidates seeking access to voter files have to buy that from the Iowa Democratic Party (you can buy access to the Voter Activation Network, which has records of all registered voters).

  • buy the Voter File

    William, I’m sure you talked to the State Party and they told you to buy the voter file like Kurt and Becky did… that’s how you reach voters.  Running as a third party hurts Democratic candidates across the board.