(For the record, Kurt Meyer has also posted several diaries on this blog. - promoted by desmoinesdem)

Greetings from the road!

I am doing my best to type this quick message on an IPod Touch from an interstate rest area (great perk for travels in Iowa).

I am the only individual representing my campaign on this blog or any other blog.  I have posted here myself (opposed to other candidates), and have used my real name.

It is refreshing to see three other individuals on this blog who have also had the courage to use their real names.  There have been individuals who have posted and have tried posting in support of me, who I have never met and are certainly NOT working/volunteering for my campaign.

As always, there seems to be a very dirty side to this game and those of you who have attempted to tarnish another using ficticious information or identities should be ashamed of yourselves. 

Back on the trail now!

Anyone reading is invited to join my family and friends at the Colorado Bar and Grill in Boone (located on South Marshall) tomorrow evening beginning at 8 PM. 

  • posting under real names vs. screen names

    I encourage people to use either their real name or a screen name at Bleeding Heartland, whichever makes them feel more comfortable.

    I understand the benefits of seeing an author’s real name, and certain blogs, such as Iowa Independent, require that front-page contributors use their real names.

    At the same time, there are many valid reasons why someone would prefer to use a different name when writing on blogs.

    However, “sock puppetry” is not acceptable here or on any blog. By that I mean one person posting under several different screen names (for instance, using one identity to write a diary and then logging on under other names to support or recommend that diary).

  • Meyers false innocence

    Interesting how Meyers wants to pretend he’s a boy scout in this race. When in fact his campaign and his supporters have been peddling the most vicious smears on this blog and elsewhere.

    Meyers will of course protest and say it’s not true…BUT!

    Had a conversation with a reporter from a major Iowa paper today who mentioned that Meyers had tried to peddle a negative story about Becky Greenwald.

  • Thank you

    Thank you for pointing out that some of the hateful posters are not doing so at your direction. Honestly I was starting to have a very negative view of you based on these posts. I am glad that you do not support that.

    As you probably know I am supporting another candidate for the primary, but be assured if you win the nomination I will support you in November.

    Lori Hebel, Emmetsburg IA

    • Hate to break it to you

      But William has been leading a lot of the negative talk on this blog with his supporters by feeding them information.

      And now he’s actively lying about his role.

      Not the type of leadership on expects from a Congressional candidate, but take a look at how his supporters act, it’s a direct reflection on their candidate.

      • yes

        I have seen some of his posts…in particular the one about the Vilsacks and the Register that offended me. But I’m trying to feel at least OK about any of the democrats running.

        I’m trying to tell myself that if they are organizing an attack on Becky, that they must believe that she has a good chance. 🙂

  • ? for william

    you seem like a great guy and i like that you are a vet, but what do you do for a living now?  perhaps i didn’t look hard enough at your website, but i couldn’t find what you do for a living…

    • no maggie

      William is a full time student at DMACC in Boone.  He is using his military education money to further his education.  I am pretty positive that is all he’s doing.

      I don’t think any of this military benefits are any of your concern.  He served, got hurt, has suffered, and hope he is being compensated for it.  It’s the least this country can do for anyone who put their life on the line of us.

      • response

        I’m all for honoring our vets and certainly not questioning his benefits – whatever they are in my opinion he deserves more. Just wanted to know what he does for a living… I know Kurt is a fundraiser, Becky is in marketing Iowa’s ag industry and Kevin is a farmer… just wanted to know what he did.  

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