Greenwald for congress

Now that we have a nominee there are many things that we can do here in the fourth to help her win the election in November


One that I would like to highlight is absentee voting

It is quite simple

Step one: Go to this site:

Step Two: Print off request forms

Step Three: send your own in and pass them out to others.

Step Four: Make sure the people you hand them out to send them in 🙂

Step Five: Recieve your ballot and fill it out, than send in or return to your local county office!


We can really pick up some steam by getting a margin in the absentees! Plus it helps all democrats!




  • other things

    We can also make comments on news stories that come up about the primary. We can volunteer to make calls, and probably the most effective thing that we can do is talk to our friends about her. I know a couple of marginal republicans that might be persuadable.

    By the way secondtonone, I know she wasn’t your first choice in the primary. Thank you for getting behind her for the general election.

    • good suggestion

      A lot of people who don’t read blogs do read newspaper websites. We can’t let Republicans dominate the comments there.

      Letters to the editor (ideally no longer than 150 words) are also a great way to help a candidate.

      • Are you sure we can't let them have it?

        Register comments are even worse than you find on YouTube.  My friend and I were talking about the commenters there and decided that if there were an article printed on Dairy Queen, the first comment would say “Ise Cream is for Cominnists!!1!”

        • so true

          I tend to neglect the DM Register comments for that reason.

          But a lot of people do read the news online, and we shouldn’t let those people get the impression that most Iowans agree with the right-wing view of the world.

          • Oh, I suppose

            I guess I just have to make my little comments and ignore the others.

            • Very good!

              The best thing to do is leave your comment and move on to the next post. Too often I get caught up in arguements and it wastes a lot more time.

  • voting early is also convenient

    If you find out where the auditor’s office is in your county, you can let people know when early voting begins this fall. I find that even more convenient the dealing with the absentee ballot–at some point I’m bound to run an errand in the same neighborhood as the auditor’s office.

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