He'll have to do better than that

I don’t watch television, other than the Daily Show and Colbert Report, so I hadn’t realized that John McCain started running ads in Iowa a couple of weeks ago.

Jason Hancock has the story and the YouTubes over at Iowa Independent.

Let him waste his money on tv ads here. Barack Obama had about 40 field offices working this state, while McCain put together virtually no organization during the past year. I am with Mike Glover of the Associated Press; Obama should win this state comfortably in November.

As for McCain’s ads, they focus on domestic issues: tax reform, cheaper energy, affordable and portable health care, and holding “corporate CEOs accountable.”

It shouldn’t be too hard for Obama to make the case that he would do much better on all of those issues than a conservative Republican like McCain.

  • spend away

    I agree… I hope McCain does spend away in Iowa. Obama will win easily here, and that will leave McCain less money to compete other places where it will be closer.  

  • I agree

    that Obama should win comfortably in Iowa, the operative word being “should,” but it wouldn’t be wise for the Dems to get too confident.

    The way I look at it as that if Culver can win Iowa by 6 points, Obama, who is no Culver by any stretch of the imagination, should take Iowa without a problem.

    • Culver won Iowa by 10 points

      and 100,000 votes.

      For me, it comes down to this: Kerry only lost Iowa by 12,000 votes, and Obama has a better field network than Kerry.

      Meanwhile, the Republicans have not an incumbent president who is wildly popular with the hard-core GOP base (as Bush was in 2004), but a senator who is distrusted by a large segment of the base, who never campaigned much here in 2000 or this cycle.

      Obama should not have any trouble taking Iowa. I hope that his coattails will win us some close statehouse races in some parts of the state.

      Obama supporters in northeast Iowa would do better to take road trips up to Wisconsin. He needs the volunteer help there more, as McCain has been leading in the polls.

  • Thanks for the correction.

    I got the final poll spread mixed up with the actual results.

    I agree with your assessment.

    • I only remember

      because I entered an election pool and predicted he would win by 5 points–but he doubled that margin.

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