A bit about Susan Radke

I just wanted to remind everyone out there, especially those who were disenfranchised by the primary campaign that there are still many great democratic candidates out there that need our help.

 Among these is Susan Radke. I recently volunteered for Susan at Scandinavian days in Story City and was very impressed with her knowledge and the way she really connected to the people.


I have no official ties to this campaign, but I would like to help out democrats in anyway I can, and I believe the best way to do that is to volunteer your time, effort and sometimes money.

Action is the key word here, to do something progressive for the cause.

I set up a facebook group and I can be reached through that if anyone would like to volunteer, and dont worry about time constraints, I have things that may take 5 minutes and things that might keep you busy for days, it all depends on the level of involvement you wish to have.


Here is the link




Thank you


Adam Smith



I would also like to politely ask the great staff at Bleeding Heartland If they could help me promote this race

  • sure--can you tell us

    a little more about her biography and what she wants to work on in the legislature? It would also help to know more about her opponent, the partisan makeup of the district, and so on.

    I would like to see detailed coverage of statehouse races from all over Iowa at this blog, so I appreciate your bringing this race to our attention.

    • This is the Bio from the website

      Susan Radke was born and raised in Forest City on a Century Family Farm. Beginning at age 16, she worked at Winnebago Industries during the summers to save money for college. Susan attended the University of Iowa where she earned a B.A. in Social Work, and settled in Nevada in 1972.

      Susan and her husband, Dr. Jerry Radke, are members of the Memorial Lutheran Church where she has taught Sunday School for over a decade. She is also a past president of Women of the Evangelical Lutheran

      Church in America and a member of the Aid Association for Lutherans.

      Susan has spent many years committed to serving her community. Her affiliations and awards include:

      District Governor, District 9MC, State of Iowa Lions Clubs

      Nevada Community Historical Society, President

      2003 and 2006 Lions Volunteer of the Year

      League of Women Voters member

      National Alliance for the Mentally Ill member

      Analysis of Social Services Evaluation Team (ASSET) of Story County

      Professionally Susan has been a social worker and currently works as a secretary in the Naval Science Department at Iowa State University. She is also working on her Masters Degree at Iowa State University in Industrial Relations.

      Susan has three grown children and one grandchild who live in Iowa, three stepchildren and three grandchildren who live in New Jersey and Minnesota.

      Susan’s efforts as a community leader and her record of hard work have earned her the respect of those who know her. She is looking forward to using her skills and talents to serve District 10 and Iowa.

    • Her opponent is Dave Deyoe

      The partisan make up in 2006 was

      Deyoe  829 votes in Hamilton, 5529 in Story

      Radke 553 votes in Hamilton, 5125 in Story

      So it was close

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