Don't feed the media's frenzy against Wes Clark

Barack Obama has figured out that he doesn’t need to go along with the media’s feeding frenzy on Wesley Clark.

The TPM Veracifier team put together a tremendous collection of clips on how pundits have distorted what Clark said on Face the Nation this Sunday:

Media Matters points out the obvious: the manufactured outrage over Clark’s so-called attack obscures the fact that Clark praised McCain’s military service, while noting that military service alone does not qualify him to be commander-in-chief.

The Columbia Journalism Review’s Zachary Roth has a must-read commentary about the media distortions as well.

  • Wes Clark is a military hero as well

    This goes under the heading IOKIYAR.  John McCain’s military experience means that he is not to be criticized, but another retired veteran, with serious Vietnam war wounds, and later command responsibility, is fair game. Once again, the MSM proves that they are McCain’s base and they are not ashamed of it.

    McCain did not command NATO armies in Kosovo, or much of anything else.  His experience was tactical, i.e., in combat, as Clark noted.  If there is anything qualifying about his record, it is that he has courage and perseverence.  But running a country is not the same as operating the controls of a fighter plane.  

    Clark has military management experience.  He is far more qualified, in terms of experience, than McCain.  He also seem better suited in terms of temperament and judgment.  Obama has both of these qualities, exercised in a different realm.  His campaign is strong evidence of both management skills and judgment.  

  • The media always takes stuff out of context.

    When nothing much is happining they have to report on something. Next week someone else will say something that can be taken wrong. Hopefully it will be someone from the McCain camp and they can focus on that for awhile.  

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