Clean elections supporters: Save the date of July 19

If you support the Voter-Owned Iowa Clean Elections (VOICE) act, which would create a voluntary public-financing system similar to that used for state elections in Maine and Arizona, you’ll want to come to Des Moines for this event:

State Representative Pam Jochum, who has proposed publicly financed elections yearly since 2000, will host a workshop at CCI’s annual convention to discuss how Iowans can win VOICE. The workshop will be held July 19 at the Hotel Fort Des Moines – additional convention information can be found at […]

At the convention, Jochum will speak about how Iowans can clear the hurdles to win VOICE.

Click the link to read the whole press release from Iowa Citizens for Community Improvement at Blog for Iowa.

Speaking of ICCI, John Nichols, a writer for The Nation, will deliver the keynote address for that group’s convention in Des Moines on July 18. More details on that event are after the jump.

Jochum gave up her seat in the Iowa House this year to run in Senate district 14. That’s a Democratic-leaning district, so we are likely to have a strong VOICE advocate in the upper chamber for the 2009 legislative session.

If you’re not familiar with the VOICE act, the Iowa Voters blog posted this detailed bill summary last year.

Public Campaign’s website is still the best source for information about clean elections reform nationwide.

Reducing the influence of money in politics is the key to solving many other problems. The Maine and Arizona-style systems are court-proof, because they are voluntary for candidates. But over time, more office-holders in those states have tended to run with the “clean money” option.

John Nichols, writer for The Nation, to speak in Des Moines July 18th

John Nichols will be in Des Moines Friday, July 18 to speak at the Hotel Fort Des Moines (10th & Walnut, downtown Des Moines ), beginning at 8 pm.

Nichols is a pioneering political blogger and writer for The Nation.  He regularly reports on the political, social and economic activism in the United States that is too often overlooked by mainstream media.  He’ll talk how everyday people have real power to shape the debate and make real change occur. Nichols is also a contributing writer for The Progressive, In These Times and his columns have appeared in the New York time, Chicago Tribune and dozens of other newspapers.  He is also the co-founder of Free Press, a national media reform network.

A book signing will follow the event.

Tickets for the event can be purchased for $15 in advance or $20 at the door.  To purchase tickets, call the Iowa CCI office at 515/255-0800 or visit their website at www.iowacci. org/calendar/ statewide_ convention. htm

Who is Iowa CCI?  Iowa Citizens for Community Improvement is an organization of thousands of people from all walks of life who talk, act and get things done on issues that matter most. From factory farms moving in next door to shady lenders taking advantage of hard-working families, CCI has been tackling tough issues and getting things done for over 30 years.  To learn more, visit

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