Obama campaign doing statewide canvass this Saturday

Barack Obama's campaign is doing a statewide canvass in Iowa this Saturday. I just got this e-mail from the Polk County Democrats:


I would like to let everyone know about an important day coming up.  Saturday, July 12th, is going to be a statewide day of canvassing.  We need to recruit volunteers to go door to door in their neighborhoods.  People will be canvassing anytime between 10am and 3pm.  It is important to have neighbors reaching out to neighbors about Senator Obama.  Please email me if you can make it!  

In addition, we will be hosting a Potluck BBQ at our new Volunteer Office (Location to be announced soon) after the canvassing.  The Potluck BBQ will start at 3pm and go into the evening.  We will hopefully be announcing the new office location  later this week.  As always with a campaign, we are in need of office supplies!  

Please save the date and thank you!  We are all so grateful for your help!

Joe Kennedy

Regional Field Director- Polk County

Obama for America

847-507-0642 (cell)

An Obama precinct captain forwarded to me an e-mail from Jackie Norris, the Iowa director of the Obama campaign. It looks like there will be about two dozen "Office Opening Kickoff" events across the state on Saturday, all beginning at 10 am and followed by a few hours of knocking on doors.

The full text of Norris's e-mail is after the jump. It includes links for people who want to volunteer or find an office near them.

If you have the time and the inclination, show up to help at your local office.

Then put up a diary here to tell us about your canvassing experience. First-person accounts like this diary by icebergslim and this diary by clarkent are fun to read and informative.

Dear [first name],

The next phase of our campaign is up and running in Iowa, and we're already building the movement that will help carry Barack to victory in November.

Supporters like you gave our movement a crucial early boost in the Iowa caucus. And right now we have the opportunity to help set the tone for our campaign again by encouraging Iowans to get involved early and support Barack Obama.

This Saturday, July 12th, at 10:00 a.m., Iowans will be joining us for Office Opening Kickoff celebrations at Campaign for Change offices around the state. At the celebrations, you'll get to meet fellow supporters, talk with campaign staff, and get involved in your community right away.

Find an Office Opening Kickoff event near you and help grow our movement for change:


We'll all meet on Saturday morning to check out our new offices and talk about our Iowa organizing strategy.

Then we'll head out to our communities and bring Barack's message of hope door-to-door through our statewide canvass.

These weekend events are a perfect way to reach out to friends, family, and neighbors in your community and bring new people into the political process.

No previous experience is required to take part. We will give you all the resources and support you need.

Take a moment now to find an Office Opening Kickoff event this Saturday in your area:




Jackie Norris

Iowa State Director

Obama for America

P.S. -- If you can't make it to an Office Opening Kickoff event this weekend, there will be plenty of opportunities to get involved as our movement grows.

Sign up to learn how you can make a difference by volunteering for Barack in Iowa:


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