Expanding the Majority: Hoy Creating an Environment That Encourages Young People to Call Iowa Home

One issue that I have blogged about extensively at Century of the Common Iowan is Iowa's brain drain. Tim Hoy understands this issue and how it effects rural Iowa.  He is running to create an environment that encourages our young generations to view Iowa as a place to call home.

To create an environment that encourages young Iowans to call Iowa home, something must be done about the amount of student loan debt our college graduates accumulate, there must high wage jobs, and there must be ample recreation opportunities in the state (which means we must have clean waterways).

If you want to create this kind of environment in Iowa, please donate to Tim Hoy's campaign.

The 2nd fundraising period ends on Tuesday, July 15th.  We have a goal of 15 donors by the 15th and are currently at 11 donors. Since my post asking for donations last Thursday, we have raised $565, but are still short of our goal of 15 donors.

Please help expand the majority in the Iowa House by donating to Tim Hoy or these other great candidates we have featured in the past few months: Elesha Gayman, Eric Palmer, McKinley Bailey, Jerry Sullivan, and Nate Willems.

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  • come on, people

    We should be able to get to 15 donors. I have donated to all of these candidates at some point this year. Even if you only give $10, it’s worthwhile to get behind our good candidates.