Open thread on DNC and Obama in Davenport

Barack Obama held an invitation-only event in Davenport today and emphasized economic issues:

Obama noted that he was raised by a single mother who sometimes needed food stamps to feed her family. He said he and his wife, Michelle, needed scholarships to attend college.

He said Americans are worried about a souring economy, in which home values are sinking and good jobs are disappearing. He said he would use billions now being spent on the Iraq war to create new jobs rebuilding American highways, adding high-speed railroads and increasing renewable energy sources, such as wind farms.

Two Iowans are among the “everyday Americans” who will address the Democratic convention in Denver. Candi Schmieder from Marengo will speak today, and and Katherine Marcano from Cedar Rapids will speak tomorrow.

Governor Culver will also speak at the convention on Tuesday.

The DemConWatch blog has all the details you need about the convention speakers and agenda.

How much of the convention will you watch? Which speakers are you most anxious to hear?

Feel free to share your closing thoughts about the Olympics in this thread as well.

UPDATE: Hillary Clinton has the quote of the day, referring to the Republican ad trying to stoke resentment that Obama “passed her over”:

“I’m Hillary Clinton, and I do not approve that message.”

SECOND UPDATE: I forgot to mention that sometime between 9:00 and 9:30 pm central time tonight, Senator Tom Harkin is going to introduce former Republican Congressman Jim Leach at the DNC. Should be worth watching! Leach endorsed Obama earlier this month.

  • Video of Obama and the owner of a QC Restaurant

    H/t to Rapcetera at the Daily Kos.  

  • I'm a Convention Addict!

    My husband and I will watch on CSPAN all week.  I’m a big fan of watching the delegates mill about between speeches over listening to the pundits and “consultants” ego stroke on the news networks.  Plus, on CSPAN I’m not limited to the single hour of prime time coverage that the major networks cover.

    Can’t wait to hear Michelle Obama tonight.  I think she’s fantastic.  Also looking forward to the women from Iowa, President Carter’s taped message, Mark Warner, Al Gore, both Clintons, Joe Biden…ahhh, too many to name.

    Did I mention that I’m a convention addict?

  • I'm riverdog and I approve of that message

    Hillary Clinton has stayed classy even as Bill still can’t adjust to such slights as being told what his topic is on Wednesday night.  It’s poetic justice that after talking about how unprepared Obama is, he gets to make the case for Obama as CINC.  And if anyone can do a complete about-face with conviction it is Bill.

    I wish Hillary would climb down from classy long enough to school that PUMA in the McCain ad.

  • Convention Watch

    I didn’t plan on watching, but I tuned in last night and now I can’t stop. Michelle was great. I’m hooked.

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