Convention Watch Parties and Weekend of Action

Tonight is Obama's acceptance speech and the Obama campaign in Iowa is organizing tons of convention watch parties around the state. This is a good way to get plugged into the local campaign. You can find a party near you by going to

An excerpt from an email I recieved from Matthew La Rocque, my regional field organizer:

“Following these August 28th convention parties, we’ll be holding a three-day weekend of action, canvassing our communities and local events this Saturday, Sunday, and Monday. Here in the Northwest, we’ll be knocking on doors to talk not just about Obama, but also about local Democrats like Tom Harkin, Rob Hubler and Becky Greenwald, and a host of other local candidates….We view this weekend as the ultimate showing of Democratic unity for Democrats, and we hope that you’ll join us on this historic occasion. In order for down-ticket events like this to continue, it’s crucial that folks turn out to prove the robustness of a coordinated campaign.”

I would encourage everyone to come to one of these events.


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  • thanks for this diary

    I realized I forgot to post a calendar of events for this week.

    I’ll put up a diary tomorrow with upcoming events this weekend, and I’ll be sure to mention the canvassing.

    Have fun watching the acceptance speech!

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