GOP convention open thread

Anyone watching tonight?

Share your thoughts here.

Note that John Edwards, who had an extramarital affair, was banished from the Democratic convention. But Rudy Giuliani, who not only cheated on his wife but used city resources for the benefit of his mistress, and informed his wife he was divorcing her by holding a press conference, is delivering the keynote for the GOP convention.

Repeat after me: It's ok if you're a Republican.

  • nailing jello to the wall

    I caught Fred Thompson's emphatic endorsement of Senator McCain.  It was so thick with emotion you had to swat away the nostalgia (if one was inclined to feel any nostalgia).

    For all that, it seemed subdued and maybe even a bit...what.. defensive?

    • I should have explained the title better...

      I had difficulty extracting the theme of the evening, like nailing Jello to the wall, there was nothing solid to grab.

  • Lieberman

    It's one thing if Joe had gone there to give his buddy McCain props, but to go after Obama and pretty blatantly lie about him crossed the line for me.  I don't think he won too many D votes for McCain.

  • What about Bill Clinton?

    He came to the Democratic convention. I don't think that the difference is Democratic or Republican, I think that the issue is how recently the issue has been in the news.

    I watched Thompson and Lieberman. They may have energized the base, but I don't think they got many swing voters. It was kinda boring I thought. Far more entertaining was Jesse Ventura on Larry King after the convention.  

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