Harkin Steak Fry open thread

I forgot to put up a thread this afternoon for people who braved the chilly weather to show up at the Indianola balloon field.

If you were there, tell us what you thought of Montana Governor Brian Schweitzer, or any other interesting thing you heard today.

Iowa Independent has a few stories and lots of photos from the event.

UPDATE: I’m not the biggest fan of Lieutenant Governor Patty Judge, but Council Bluffian wrote that she had the quote of the day at the steak fry, drawing a standing ovation:

“Sarah knows how to field dress a moose, but I know how to castrate a calf. The thing is, neither of those things have anything to do with this election.”

Lt. Governor Judge mentioned that despite the fact she has more practical animal husbandry credentials than Palin and more elected office experience, Senator Obama didn’t call her to be VP.

Senator Harkin came on stage and noted he was going to watch himself around Lt. Governor Judge from now on.


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