Miller-Meeks and Jim Leach, for you LC Lib :)


“I have tremendous respect and admiration for Jim Leach,” Miller-Meeks told Iowa Independent. “He’s about the most honest and insightful person I know in politics.”

August 12th 2008.

Sounds like my comments arent so baseless. But I do have more


What did she say after Leach endorsed Obama?

Restating her own support for McCain, she added, “You can have a difference of opinion and be allowed to voice that. … (Leach's endorsement of Obama) doesn't change the way I feel about him.”


And for the knock out!

“I really had no desire to be in politics prior to last year,” Miller-Meeks said. “Nine years ago, when I first began visiting Congress with the Academy of Ophthalmology, advocating and addressing health care issues, I had a wonderful rapport and relationship with the honorable [former Congressman] Jim Leach. I thought [Leach] was an ideal representative for our District. He was very thoughtful. He was introspective. He was highly intelligent. He would dissect bills and issues and then give you a response. Now, he may not have always given the response that you wanted, but at least you were assured that there was insight and a true understanding of the difficulties and different sides of an issue. I always felt that he was doing what was best for the District and for the constituents within the boundaries of the Constitution.”

Did I cover all the bases “LC Lib”?


Just so people know. I like Jim Leach and Miller Meeks is absolutely wonderful! The best Republican we have running in Iowa, Hands down, but she will not win

  • thanks for that background

    I remember reading the piece in Essential Estrogen, but thanks for the link, because I forgot what she said about Leach there.

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