Sen. Obama, Please Come to Ames and Help out Becky Greenwald

Barack Obama will be making a trip back to Iowa on Friday and holding a rally in the Des Moines area.  

I am hoping that they hold the rally in Ames on the campus of Iowa State University.  A visit by Obama to the 4th District would be a huge boost to congressional candidate Becky Greenwald.  A poll over the weekend showed Greenwald down by just 5%.  
The same poll showed Greenwald and Obama barely beating Tom Latham and John McCain among voters under 30.  A rally at Iowa State would draw huge crowds and create a loud buzz around campus the weekend before the election.

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  • I agree with you

    but I think they try to schedule Obama’s events as close to airports as possible, so he doesn’t spend a lot of time traveling to and from the rally once he’s touched down in the city.

    I assume there will be some good footage of Obama with Becky Greenwald and Rob Hubler, which will generate a ton of free media coverage over the weekend and could be used in final tv ads (if Greenwald and Hubler have the money for that).

    I appreciate that he is making this trip even though he’s had Iowa locked up for some time.