LIVE Iowa House Election Results - Tuesday

Folks, some of you may not know about the Iowa House Democratic Caucus blog at  If so, then you know about it now.

We're going to be trying something new on Tuesday night – liveblogging House results.  We don't have a “fancy” Chuck Todd or map, but we do have a nice chart and will be posting results as we get them called in from local auditor's offices by our staff on the ground.

It should be an exciting night and please head over to to see results on Tuesday.  The page won't be live until Tuesday, but you will be able to comment and discuss results right there on the page!

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Mark Langgin

  • excellent resource

    Thanks for letting us know, and feel free to post this again on Monday or Tuesday as a reminder.

    • I will...

      I will repost on Monday & Tuesday.  Thanks for the reminder.  If you have any questions or need info you can backchannel me at marklanggin [@]

  • Does sound fun

    How quick do the results come in?

    Also, what news channel do you think it is best to watch the results from?

    • RE: Best news channell...

      You know, I really don’t know which will be best.  I guess it depends which part of the state you live in.  We have really key races in all of the media markets.  Eric Palmer, Tim Hoy, Jerry Sullivan, and McKinley Bailey in the Des Moines market (as well as folks like Alan Koslow, and others…).

      We have Elesha Gayman, Phyllis Thede, and Frank Best in the Quad Cities…Larry Marek, Art Staed, and Gretchen Lawyer in Cedar Rapids…and Gene Ficken & John Beard in the Waterloo market.  Feel free to post info you find on the blog as you see it!