Republican desperation in action

Republican operatives have no shame when it comes to voter suppression tactics.

Iowa Independent reported today that Republican attorneys challenged the validity of 50 absentee ballots filed by Grinnell College students.

Did they have reason to believe the voters in question were not really students enrolled at Grinnell? No.

Did they have reason to believe the voters in question were trying to cast ballots in more than one location? No.

Did they have reason to believe the voters in question were not entitled to vote for some other reason? No.

Poweshiek County Auditor Diana Dawley said the ballots were challenged on the grounds that the students do not reside at the address they listed when they registered to vote.

The students registered to vote at 1115 8th Ave., which is the address on campus where they receive mail. However, it is not the physical address of their dormitories, Dawley said, which brought on the challenges.

The Grinnell College Campus Democrats claimed in an online posting that students who voted early at satellite voting stations were told by Poweshiek County elections officials to register in that way because the inability of students to receive mail at their physical address made it difficult to produce proof of residency.

This challenge is pathetic. Of course these students will list the address where they receive mail, rather than an address the post office wouldn’t recognize.

Republicans should be ashamed of such a scheme to deprive citizens of their right to vote. What a great introduction to politics for college students who are voting in their first presidential election.

I remember how excited I was to fill out my absentee ballot in the 1988, the first year I was old enough to vote for president. It is despicable for Republican attorneys to challenge voters on such flimsy grounds.

I’ve got news for the Republicans: the House district 75 race between Democratic incumbent Eric Palmer and former state representative Danny Carroll isn’t going to be close enough for them to steal.

Make a statement against voter suppression by sending a few bucks to Eric Palmer’s campaign.

UPDATE: This Daily Kos diary has more details on the situation in Grinnell. Also, it mentions that apparently Republicans in Virginia have challenged ballots cast by college students who listed their dorm address rather than the address at which they receive mail on campus. It figures that they are just trying to find any excuse to throw out students’ votes.

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    • speaking of PACs

      Look at Tom Latham’s fundraising for the 2007-2008 cycle:…

      Approximately $735,000, which is about 52 percent of all the money Latham raised, has come from PACs. A lot of that is from corporate PACs, which makes sense because Latham votes for corporate interests.

    • again I urge "linncountyliberal"

      to choose a username that reflects what you really are. Your comment history strongly suggests that you are a Republican and not a Linn County resident who objects to Loebsack from a liberal perspective.

      At least Peggy doesn’t hide that she’s a Republican.

  • Dems aren't innocent

    Have you heard about the multitude of stolen McCain/Palin and King signs in Carroll County?

    Even barn signs are disappearing in a matter of a couple days!

    So much for freedom of speech.

    • I don't condone yard sign theft

      but as you well know, it unfortunately happens on both sides. I remember having to replace many Kerry signs in my precinct four years ago when they were stolen. My neighbor two doors down had her Obama sign taken a month or two ago.

      • Loss of moral bearings

        Regardless of how one votes, it’s disheartening to see elections devolve into thuggish free-for-alls.

        One doesn’t have to look too far to find those who dare speak about God, religion or morals being ridiculed.  

        The comments posted to newspaper blogs about any given letter to the editor that deals with morality or God are a good indication of how a good portion of society looks down its collective nose at religious Americans.

        Everyone is entitled to their beliefs but the outright hatred directed toward one who professes allegiance to God is uncalled for.  

        The natural reaction to having a possession stolen (political sign) is to seek revenge.  Personally, it’s my belief in God and His commandments that keep me from retaliating.  

        Life in general would be total chaos were it not for our moral bearings.

        Thank you, desmoinesdem, for allowing me to post here for the last few months.  I appreciate your fairness.  You do a great job with your blog.