Whats in the past is in the past

What is worrying me is…

How can we pick up more state house seats?

How can we get competent, aggressive candidates in US HD-4, and US HD-5 after that terrible blowout?

Who is running for Grassley's seat in 2010?

How can we, the democratic activists of Iowa, make sure every race is competitive and no Republican get a free ride?


Maybe I ought to take a moment a celebrate but I am VERY cautious about Iowa losing Democrats in the state house.


What do you think? 

  • I think you are right to be concerned

    I expect the economy to be in bad shape in 2010, and it could be a tough environment for Democrats around the country.

    We missed on pickup opportunities in several open Iowa House seats yesterday. It will be much harder to defeat the Republican incumbents in 2010 than it would have been in win them as open seats.

    Perhaps we will get a new crop of Republican retirements to help us along in 2010, but I am not counting on that.

    We had trouble recruiting against Grassley in 1998 and 2004, and if he runs for reelection we’ll have trouble again in 2010. If the Democrats had gotten to 60 Senate seats, he might have retired, but now I expect him to hang around barring some health issue that could happen to anyone.

    As for IA-04 and IA-05, from where I’m sitting our best shot seems to be if Latham or King decide to run against Culver. I think Culver could beat either of them, and it would open up a Congressional district.

    I was disappointed to hear Leonard Boswell say he will definitely run for re-election in 2010. Sadly, we may go into the 2012 elections having to run an unknown against Latham in a redrawn IA-03.

  • warning to Bill Spencer

    Exposing real names or identifying details of Bleeding Heartland users is prohibited. This is your warning.

    Next time access to your account will be blocked.

    To answer your question, I have no intention of running for any elective office at any time in the future.

  • you had a

    competent and aggressive candidate in the 4th

    blame bitter Hillary supporters for screwing you up there and pushing through one of their own who got hammered.

    There aren’t many competent dems in the 5th, unless of course you move there

    • who are you referring to?

      Kurt Meyer? The primary election results suggest that if Greenwald had not been in the race, Meyer would have won.

      Any candidate would have had an uphill battle against Latham. There’s a reason the DCCC puts more money into open seats than challengers facing incumbents. More than 90 percent of incumbents are reelected.

    • you may not realize this

      but if you read secondtonone’s diary history, you will see that he did not support Greenwald in the primary, by the way.

    • Hey

      I dont think you would have done any better “Joethewelder”

      You where not aggressive enough from November to March, where you needed to be aggressive. contrary to popular believe, “I don’t have it all figured out” But why don’t you declare your candidacy now, get your ballot access right away and be very vocal about it.

      I’ll even help you!

      After the trouncing of Becky this year, I doubt many big names would challenge you.

      You do see what I was talking about now don’t you? You would have had a wide open road to the nomination, and you could have been able to say that Becky’s liberal tendencies is why she lost and you could have ran as a moderate democrat and sliced off portions of Latham’s base.

      If you just would have helped out or just not run this whole independent thing. I don’t think many people would give you a second chance, but I will.

      Think about it

      • wrong

        You are so wrong pal.  Don’t accuse me of being someone I am not.  Your foolishness precedes you.

        I will agree with you that Becky’s liberal tendencies are what killed her.  Would have killed the others too.  Meyers was more moderate and independent.  Not willing to be pushed around like Greenwald was.

        • Skipping the eliminationist rhetoric

          employed by Mr. Not Meyer, here, his political analysis lacks the insight that even a modest amount of research might have provided.

          Harkin won big.  No one has ever accused Tom of being a conservative.  Other liberals won state house races. Harkin racked up over 70% in Floyd County, Obama 59.8, Latham 60.6.  Same results in Cerro Gordo, except Harkin got 68.6. Look at other 4th district counties.  These are not outliers.

          Greenwald lost because:

          1.  Latham is an incumbent and that is uphill no matter what the district looks like.

          2.  Latham was well-funded.  See 1.

          3.  Greenwald was not well-funded.  See 1.

          4.  Greenwald did not get out into the district enough and do the kind of small-bore retail politics that could have helped her overcome 1 through 3.

          5.  Greenwald did not have a competent field campaign.

          6.  The Obama campaign did not follow through on helping down-ticket candidates, all over Iowa, and in many different ways, which might have helped make up for 5.

          7.  Latham is well-known because of his seed business and well-liked.  Democrats who voted for him included a lot of people who know him personally.

          8.  The DCCC is of little use to any but incumbents and a handful of challengers.  If Chris Van Hollen is succeeded by Debbie Wasserman-Schultz, don’t expect that to change.

          9.  Greenwald did not have an internet campaign, and the netroots never heard of her until late in the game, so she did not have the opportunity to raise the kind of money Fallon did.  An internet campaign does not consist of going on sites as a brand-new user and trashtalking a candidate or the host of the site, btw.

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