Any Ideas on a candidate for District 4?

Yeah it is two days after the election.

Yeah we lost by 20 points.

But No, I'm not giving up,

 Below I put all four of our candidates this year, as well as a few that rumored to run and a couple that I would like to see run.

 I would really love to hear what everyone has to say about this district

  • I have no clue

    But I will support whoever wins the Democratic nomination for the fourth district in 2010.

    We will need a better media strategy and a better turnout operation, but anything is possible.

    Latham could even leave the seat open to run for higher office.

  • I heard all the speeches at the 4th District convention

    and met the candidates.  Kurt Meyer was far and away the best speaker, and is a personable, likeable person.  I think he would have been better at retail politics than Greenwald seems to be.

    Selden Spencer is a wonderful person, and grew from a shy awkward man into a passionate articulate candidate.  I doubt he would run again, but would have no trouble supporting him.

    Some of the same people worked for both Greenwald and Spencer.  Whoever runs next should start fresh with staffing.  

  • Extreme and Wrong

    It won’t be Dinsdale.  She’s good at supporting people, but is much too extreme for the rest of the 4th.

    and you are wrong riverdog.  Latham would have smeared Kurt Meyer with his fake non-profit biz and being a Minnesotan moving to Iowa simply to run for congress.  Not to mention how he lied about that and about not working in Minnesota during the campaign.   Latham would have nailed him to the cross.

    Helen Miller?  No chance there.  She has done nothing but put on a fake grin.

    Lisa Heddens has a problematic mother who is always in the way.  

    Beth Wessel nearly was knocked out by a college kid.  Plus she has an enormous attitude problem.

    Olive may be a vote getter.  I would go for him.

    Greenwald is burnt toast, especially with the Ames crowd.  She screwed up with them royally.

    Meyers has been rumored to have taken a position with the Federal Immigration Reform and Enforcement as regional coordinator for the SE U.S. thanks to Tom Harkin.

    Spencer won’t run, not to mention people in the disrict outside of Ames didn’t care for him.

    And Miskell has upset too many people, especially in Story county among many others.

  • Ashamed!

    Please spell our candidates’ names right!

    It is “Selden” not Seldon.

    It is “Daryl Beall” not Darryl Beal

    It is Beth “Wessel-Kroeschell” and not Krochelle.

    This blog is losing credibility and I am very disappointed.  Please, DesMoinesDem, do better.

    By the way, my vote is for William Meyers for 2010.

    • it's a free country

      with many thousands of political blogs. If you don’t care for my work or for secondtonone’s, perhaps you can find other communities that are more to your liking.

  • Patience

    It took us a long, long time to finally oust Jim Leach in the second CD, and we only picked up Nussle’s seat when he ran for Governor.

    Spencer and Greenwald have been laying the foundations for a successful campaign.  We just have to find the right candidate.  In the second CD, people liked Leach’s academic demeanor, and it took another academic to make people comfortable in voting Democratic.

  • I think you have to look at Cerro Gordo

    There is really something there … Culver pulled LBJ numbers out of Mason City/Clear Lake and the right candidate from that part of the district could use it as a base, add Ames and be on the way.  This is an area of the state ripe for Democratic gains.  They have a friendly paper and ABC affiliate.  I know Sen. Amanda Ragan probably would never run, but that kind of candidate is what we should look for.

    Keep in mind Loebsack taught and lived in Mt. Vernon in Linn County.  Had he been from Iowa City, he would have encountered more skepticism.  Silly but real.  That’s why Ames is not the promised land in this district.

    That said, if John and Jackie Norris stick around, what about either of them?  Can you say rock stars?

    • they don't live in the district

      I don’t see either of the Norrises running for the fourth district. I think when Boswell retires, one of them will run in the third district, where they have lived for most of the time they have resided in Iowa.

      Good point about Cerro Gordo county. I really like Amanda Ragan, but we probably need her more in the state Senate.

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