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    I was planning to write something about this for the front page tomorrow. Obviously, everyone in the Culver family should comply with the smoking ban and other laws.

    I wish her luck if she ever tries to quit smoking again. Apparently every time a person tries to quit, the chances of long-term success increase.

    • Not the Point

      I wish her luck too, but I think it is atrocious that she just willingly disregards the law that her own husband signed.

      Are they having marital troubles?  Does she think that there is a double standard?

      Anybody but Chet Culver ’10.  

      Mike Gronstal going to run or am I going to have to vote for a Republican?

      • from what I can tell

        from your comment history here, you mostly support Republicans anyway.

        • No!

          In this election…

          I voted for Obama, myself for Senate and Latham.

          Is that all Republicans?  Well, how about one Republican and two Democrats.

          I supported William Meyers and continue to support him.  He is against the smoking ban which is one of my biggest issues.

          Please don’t make generalizations about someone – that’s very stereotypical.

          • you have claimed to be an independent

            in the past. Now you say you are a Democrat?

            The vast majority of comments you’ve posted here have been critical of Democrats.

            The smoking ban is one of your biggest issues, yet it doesn’t bother you that Obama supports local smoking bans and would consider supporting a federal smoking ban:


            Q: Over 400,000 Americans have premature death due to smoking or secondhand smoke. Would you be in favor of a national law to ban smoking in all public places?

            A: I think that local communities are making enormous strides, and I think they’re doing the right thing on this. If it turns out that we’re not seeing enough progress at the local level, then I would favor a national law. I don’t think we’ve seen the local laws play themselves out entirely, because I think you’re seeing an enormous amount of progress in Chicago, in New York, in other major cities around the country. And because I think we have been treating this as a public health problem and educating the public on the dangers of secondhand smoke, that that pressure will continue. As I said, if we can’t provide these kinds of protections at the local level, which would be my preference, I would be supportive of a national law.

            • I voted for William Meyers in June

              I am a Registered Democrat.

              However, prior to the ’08 caucuses, I was a registered Independent.

              I was one of the many thousands that became a registered Democrat to vote on January 3 and then I remained that way so I could vote for William Meyers and I am today –

              I have always considered myself to be a Democrat just didn’t publically declare it.

              Just because I don’t straight ticket vote Democrat like you, that does not mean I am not a Democrat.

              • having trouble keeping your story straight?

                A month ago you wrote this:


                It is stuff like this that reminds me why I’m an Independent.


                You rarely post here except to criticize Democrats. It’s fine to criticize Democrats (I do my fair share of that), but you seem interested in little else.

                • Yes

                  Independent at heart – currently a registered Democrat.

                  Like i said, I was an independent but was forced to register in order to participate in the caucuses…are you having problems wrapping your mind around that?

                  I could post the Iowa Democratic Party Caucus rules here on this blog in case you didn’t know that you had to be a registered Democrat to participate.

                  I am also pretty certainly that you have to be a registered Republican to participate in the Republican caucus.

                  I thought dissent was patriotic?

                  • your comment history

                    suggests that you are a troll. I’m sure I’m not the only Bleeding Heartland user who has noticed.

                    It’s pretty easy to tell the difference between Democrats who disagree with some candidates’ or elected officials’ policies or political decisions, and “Democrats” who show up at a blog mainly to trash Democratic politicians.

                    • 60 percent...

                      So people that agree with you about 60 percent of the time – we are Republican trolls?

                      I know I am not as liberal as you, but I am definitely not a Republican.  

                      Sorry to rain on your Thursday night parade.

  • to be more direct

    Bleeding Heartland does not permit copyright violations.

    Please edit this diary so that it conforms to fair use principles (a short excerpt with a link to the original source).

  • William Meyers.

    The mention of his name is a sure predictor that BH readers are about to be treated to more weaselly, dishonest, trollish pontificating about something no one else cares about.  I don’t get what the connection is, but it is pretty plain.

    The governor’s wife smokes where she shouldn’t.  Naughty.  Better vote for a Republican in the next election, then.  As if you needed a new reason.

  • Culver and Spencer

    I can’t imagine the amount of sneaking around and smoking going on in state vehicles and on state property every day, not even counting the private property non-smoking rules.

    So Mari Culver got busted, she admitted it, was fined and paid said fine. Big whoop. I’m sure this type of thing is going on all over the state–it just doesn’t make the papers.

    As an aside to desmoinesdem: You know Bill Spencer is (as we say in Southern Iowa) only out to get your goat. And thus far, he gets it every time.  

    • I prefer Republicans who are open about their beliefs

      On the rare occasions that I post a comment on a conservative political blog, I always do so as “desmoinesdem” and never pretend to be something I’m not. For example, I would never pose as an independent who had seriously considered voting for McCain, but changed my mind after he pulled that cheap stunt about canceling the first debate.

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