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If You Wrap Gifts, You Are Environmentally Unfriendly

Merry Christmas to all of you.  I know I'm probably not the most liked person on this blog, but I enjoy the dialogue and this is a fun site to check out. 

It is probably good the Internet was not a real big deal when I worked (I'm retired) or I would not have gotten as much done.  Ha.

Speaking of which, I gave my grandkids (I have 3) all presents for Christmas.  However, I did not wrap them.  Putting paper is wasteful and harms the environment.

I hope you did not wrap any presents this year or receive any wrapped presents because if you did…you promoted global warming.

Make it your new year's resolution for 2009 not to get or receive any wrapped presents. 

Just keep them hidden longer.  The best gift you'll give your grandkids is the realization that they are getting a better planet.

Have to be MEGA RICH to Party with Culver?

I saw this on a couple of blogs and it really makes me angry.

I know Iowans who are really struggling because of this economy and yet on the day that Chet Culver does a big budget cut, he holds a private fundraiser for his re-election campaign.

This is terrible.  Terrible. 

This plus the smoking ban and I'm not a very happy camper.  Sure wish we had Mike Blouin instead of Chet going in 2010. 

$5000?  Really?  $25,000?  WOW.  Lots of really RICH Democrats I guess.  Holy smokes.  Democrats used to be like me: blue collar and working but I guess I didn't know they could just roll up in limos.

Here is what I saw on Century blog:

Thursday, December 18, 2008
Governor Chet Culver
Lt. Governor Patty Judge
Chet Culver Committee
Please come and enjoy an evening of fine foods and friends.
5:30 p.m. — 7:00 p.m.
Noah's Ark Ristorante (second floor)
2400 Ingersoll Avenue
Des Moines, Iowa
Patrons – $25,000
Hosts – $15,000
Guests – $5000

How Accurate Is Research 2000?

I saw a new Research2000/DailyKos poll for the Georgia Senate race and I was wondering how accurate that firm is.

They have the Martin and Chambliss race to be within 6 points.  That's pretty close considering what margin of error could be.

But then, I remember back to the Research 2000 poll between Greenwald and Latham and think, “Wow, were they way wrong or what?”

Here was the link to the way off Greenwald and Latham race: LINK.

What do you think?  Do they have a good track record other than the Latham and Greenwald race?  They had that race pegged at 5 points when Latham actually won by 22 points.  That's not close, folks.



I Voted

Myself, I voted for Obama, Bill Spencer for Senate, and Latham the other day.  Too bad I didn't have the chance to vote for William Meyers.  Maybe in 2010?

I predict Latham does pretty well on Tuesday night.  Couldn't bring myself to vote for Reed or Harkin.  Reed seems a little bizarre and Harkin was for the bailout.

Greenwald loves the bailout and loves Henry Paulson apparently so I said No to her.  She shot herself in the foot with that bailout support.

My college roommate from the days at Iowa still lives in IC and he voted early too.  He wouldn't tell me who he voted for President (I think he might be a Bob Barr fan) but I know he voted for Miller-Meeks.  Funny thing is he supported Culver and Loebsack in 2006 but said he would never support either again.  Though, I know he was no Leach fan.

Should be fun on Tuesday night. 

Becky Greenwald - "George Bush Corporate Democrat"

I've been a voter for years but I cannot remember the last time one issue really determined my vote as much as this economic bailout bill did.

As some of the readers of this blog know, I was as big of a fan of William Meyers as anybody.  Really good quality candidate who would have won had he run.  Unfortunately, he was incompetent and couldn't get his signatures turned in.  I guess he really didn't want to win.

So, that leaves me the choice between Becky Greenwald or Tom Latham.  The vote this past week really sealed the deal for me.  I decided I was not going to write in Meyers' name and now I am going to vote for Tom Latham.

I used to be a proud Democrat and was so hopeful that maybe we had a future with Bruce Braley because he voted against it too.  But now I see that the Democrats like Harkin, Braley, Boswell and Loebsack are all just corporate sweethearts who can't wait to give out more big blank checks to their CEO buddies at the cost of us out here working hard for every penny we can get.

Braley caved to the Wall Street fat cats and those guys, including Grassley too, gave Bush and Paulsen a big blank check.  800 BILLION – Yes, BILLION with a B – dollars.  Unbelievable.  This is the same gang that complains about a blank check for Iraq and they give Bush a blank check for something else.  Hypocrits.

Amazing.  I never would have thought that I'd see the day that Braley, Boswell, Loebsack and Harkin vote with Bush while King and Latham vote on the side of the American people and against Bush.  Bush is toxic and Democrats just swallowed some of the pill.

I was talking to some others in church today about the vote and they all said that they couldn't believe what happened this week.  A guy I know who is a die-hard Democrat said he didn't know if he could vote for Harkin this fall and said he might even vote for Latham just because he respected Latham's willingness to listen to constituents and not just be a party line voter in lockstep with Bush and his evil gang.

I just really think Becky Greenwald blew it this week.  William Meyers would not have screwed up this bad.  Greenwald came out in favor of the bailout which is extremely unpopular.

I was on Becky's website today doing some research and found this:

Greenwald Encourages Latham to Support Action on Financial Crisis
For Immediate Release- October 1, 2008

Waukee, IA – Today, Becky Greenwald, candidate for Congress in Iowa's 4th District, released the following statement on the Senate version of the financial rescue bill:

“I strongly encourage Tom Latham to support this new version of the financial rescue bill. The Senate version of the bill integrated constructive changes including temporarily raising the FDIC insurance caps, renewable energy tax credits and fixing the Alternative Minimum Tax to exempt middle-income taxpayers. These provisions go a long way to support working families in the 4th District, who were forgotten in the original bill.

“I still think more needs to be done to address the underlying problem of keeping families in their homes, but it is clear by the impending unavailability of credit, we need to take action now. I am encouraged by the modifications to this bill. I hope the House will embrace the modified bill. I encourage Tom Latham to vote in favor of this bill and take this important step in addressing our financial crisis.”

Then, I see this and my jaw dropped.  The incompetence.  The last sentence says that we should have a representative that works for Main Street instead of Wall Street.  Yet, Becky would have voted for the Wall Street Corporate Greed CEO golden parachute bill.  The hypocrisy is stunning and I know that William Meyers, if he were our candidate, would not have screwed up this badly. 

Greenwald Campaign: Condemns Latham for voting against cleaning up the financial mess he helped create

Contact: Erin Seidler

Waukee, IA – Today, Becky Greenwald condemned Tom Latham for voting against the Emergency Economic Stabilization Act of 2008 as the economy faces its most serious crisis since the Great Depression.

“I am disappointed that Tom Latham voted against fixing the financial mess he helped create. Latham’s years of support for George Bush’s failed economic policies and deregulation of the financial markets while taking hundreds of thousands of dollars from Wall Street put America in the economic crisis it faces today. I'm just glad he didn't get his way when he supported George Bush's plan to privatize Social Security and risk America's retirement safety net on Wall Street. And to add insult to injury, this vote was also a vote against providing tax relief to middle income families and disaster victims in Iowa.

“I am pleased the House passed the Economic Rescue Bill. Today’s bill will help to unfreeze credit, protect taxpayers, provide tax relief for Iowans affected by natural disasters, and fix the Alternative Minimum Tax to exempt middle-income taxpayers. It was clear action needed to be taken to protect Iowans, and these provisions go a long way to support working families in the 4th District, who were forgotten in the original bill.

“Through no fault of their own, Iowans who have planned and saved for retirement and families trying to send their children to college would have been forced to delay their plans. Something needed to be done, and Tom Latham voted to do nothing.

“It’s time we have a representative that values working families and Main Street over Wall Street.”

I'll be voting for Latham.  I was legitimately undecided after William Meyers punted on his campaign chance.  I was going to give Greenwald a good look but now I see that she would rather side with George Bush and Corporate elites instead of those of us who are just trying to get by.

Greenwald has a lot of explaining to do.  I think Latham will beat her easily anyway since she is running such an incompetent campaign but I know that the Latham-Meyers '10 race will be exciting.  Who is with me on that?

I urge all the rest of you, if you are true progressives, to vote for those candidates who stand up to corporate corruption and fight for those of us who need all that we can get.  What a shame.

From Obama to McCain/Palin

My sister called me today to say that she was switching from voting for Obama to voting for McCain because of the way they are treating Gov. Sarah Palin, McCain's runningmate.

She was watching some of the coverage today and it really angered her.  She's one that really thinks it is sad how they have gone after her daughter and family and it is pretty sexist.

I don't know what's going on – but I fear a backlash.  I can see her point and I don't like it either.

The way Democrats are treating Palin and how they treated William Meyers – I am starting to think maybe I'll vote for GOP this year too – teach them a lesson.


To William Meyers: Turn In Your Signatures, Sir!


As a loyal supporter, I am just begging you to get your signatures in tomorrow.  As I have written before, I will send you a contribution if you get on the ballot.

A write in campaign will not work and all of your hard work will be lost.  You can win this thing if you get on the ballot. 

If you do not get on the ballot because you did not get your signatures in, I will have to either stay at home on Nov. 4 or vote for Tom Latham.  I refuse to vote for Greenwald after what she and her goons did to you.

Please, William.  There are a lot of us here in the 4th District who are waiting for you.  Don't let us down.  Drive your signatures to Mr. Mauro tomorrow and lets work towards a new day in America.

Your website is great but it won't matter at all if you aren't on the ballot.  Greenwald and Latham won't allow you to debate them if you aren't on the ballot.  Make this happen.  Get on the ballot and lets change the world.  Get on the ballot, William.   Don't let me down.  Please.  My faith in government and politics rests in your cause.

-Bill J. Spencer

William Meyers Still Running?

Is William Meyers from Humboldt/Boone still running for Congress as an independent against Latham and that woman?

His website still is listed as “under construction” and he apparently has not filed yet – I really wish he would.

This guy could win folks – he really could.  I wish he would either get going and file and get in the race officially. 

William, if you read this, I really want you to run.  I'll help you – send you a donation for sure.   There are others like me out there and we admire what you've done with the smoking ban.  You are right on. 

Please run William.  Iowa and America are waiting for you.

William Meyers: Independent Democrat for Congress

I would like to see William Meyers run for Congress as an Independent Democrat.

William supported Barack Obama and Becky Greenwald, who did everything she could to shut William out of certain counties, supported Hillary Clinton. 

 Clearly, Becky thought this should have just been handed to her.  Sounds a lot like the Clinton mentality.

 Hear me loud and clear: unless William Meyers runs an independent bid, I'll be voting for Tom Latham.  He's a nice guy and I know what I'm voting for.

 Becky just won't fill out Project Vote Smart and she's trying to hide – very Clintonlike. 

 It's William Meyers or Tom Latham.  I hope William gives us the good news soon.

Greenwald Has Political Courage Problem

“Becky Greenwald repeatedly refused to provide any responses to citizens on the issues through the 2008 Political Courage Test when asked to do so by national leaders of the political parties, prominent members of the media, Project Vote Smart President Richard Kimball, and Project Vote Smart staff.”

If Becky is not going to tell us what she believes, how in the world do we know if she will be our strongest candidate against Tom Latham?

I don't think we can trust her.  She's not forthcoming at all and she's connected to the Clinton campaign and we all know how they've tried to divide our party which only further divides our country.

Say NO to “Don't Debate Becky” and say YES to William Meyers.

I'm new to Iowa and new to the party but if William does not win, I'll be voting for Latham because at least I know where he stands on issues.  I know what I'm getting.  

I voted for Obama and I'm becoming more skeptial of those Clinton supporters.

William Meyers for Congress!