I Voted

Myself, I voted for Obama, Bill Spencer for Senate, and Latham the other day.  Too bad I didn't have the chance to vote for William Meyers.  Maybe in 2010?

I predict Latham does pretty well on Tuesday night.  Couldn't bring myself to vote for Reed or Harkin.  Reed seems a little bizarre and Harkin was for the bailout.

Greenwald loves the bailout and loves Henry Paulson apparently so I said No to her.  She shot herself in the foot with that bailout support.

My college roommate from the days at Iowa still lives in IC and he voted early too.  He wouldn't tell me who he voted for President (I think he might be a Bob Barr fan) but I know he voted for Miller-Meeks.  Funny thing is he supported Culver and Loebsack in 2006 but said he would never support either again.  Though, I know he was no Leach fan.

Should be fun on Tuesday night. 

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