Greenwald Has Political Courage Problem

“Becky Greenwald repeatedly refused to provide any responses to citizens on the issues through the 2008 Political Courage Test when asked to do so by national leaders of the political parties, prominent members of the media, Project Vote Smart President Richard Kimball, and Project Vote Smart staff.”

If Becky is not going to tell us what she believes, how in the world do we know if she will be our strongest candidate against Tom Latham?

I don't think we can trust her.  She's not forthcoming at all and she's connected to the Clinton campaign and we all know how they've tried to divide our party which only further divides our country.

Say NO to “Don't Debate Becky” and say YES to William Meyers.

I'm new to Iowa and new to the party but if William does not win, I'll be voting for Latham because at least I know where he stands on issues.  I know what I'm getting.  

I voted for Obama and I'm becoming more skeptial of those Clinton supporters.

William Meyers for Congress!

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  • your position is illogical

    You voted for Obama, yet you would prefer rubber-stamp Latham to Becky Greenwald because she was a Clinton supporter during the caucuses, and at least you know where Latham stands on the issues.

    Do you really know where Latham stands? Latham votes with Bush and the GOP leadership basically 100 percent of the time. In one recent year, it might have been 2002 or 2004, the Des Moines Register’s editorial board asked Latham if he could give an example of a time he voted against the GOP leadership in the House because doing so would better represent his constituents. He couldn’t think of a single example.

    By the way, Clinton and Obama have voted the same way more than 90 percent of the time in the Senate.

    If William Meyers is reading any of these threads, I would like to know whether he will encourage his supporters to vote for Latham if someone else wins the Democratic nomination.

    • Immigration

      I really like William’s strength as a Marine and I think he is tougher on immigration.  

      I want a candidate that is tough on immigration.  I wish Obama were stronger, but the issue is one that Congress needs to deal with.

      Latham is pretty good on immigration and William is the best Democrat.

      I’ll be voting for William and if he does not win the nomination or if he does not run as an independent, I’ll be voting for Latham.

      • I find that difficult to believe

        I am pretty sure you can’t find any evidence that Obama and Greenwald differ significantly on the immigration issue.

        So when it comes to the Congressional race, you are a single-issue voter on immigration, and hence would prefer Latham to any Democrat but Meyers, yet you support Obama for president, because why?

        Who do you think is going to help Obama get his agenda through Congress–Latham, or a Democrat?

    • I have

      already met my signature requirements if I decide to continue this mission.  Please see my new blog.  Thank you all for your continued support!

      The last thing Tom Latham wants is a United States Marine breathing down his neck for the next few months.

      • GO FOR IT


        We need hope and change in this country!  

        You are the right man at the right time to help us.  I’m new to Iowa but you have really inspired me with your campaign.  

        Please consider an independent bid if you do not win on Tuesday.  There are a lot of Democrats who are scared of you because you are not ‘establishment’.  Don’t be discouraged.  Chase your dream.  

        If you don’t win in June, I think you could win in November.

      • I strongly urge you to support the winner

        of the primary, whoever that may be.

        You would burn every bridge by running as an independent.

        If Ed Fallon had not backed Nader in 2000, he would be cruising to victory in the third district primary (in my opinion). Don’t make a similar mistake by running as an independent in the general.

        I would say the same thing to the other candidates if you win the primary.

  • Political Courage Test

    Bill, either you are misinformed or deliberatly trying to distort information. Becky Greenwald didn’t take the political courage test, but neither did William Meyers or Kevin Miskell. If you will only vote for someone who took the test, then you should plan to vote for Kurt Meyer. He’s the only fourth district candidate who filled it out. Here’s the William Meyers link.….

    By the way, Barack Obama didn’t take it either, nor did any of the other major presidential candidates.….

    In fact, according to wikipedia most politicians don’t take it because opponents tend to take pieces of information out of context and do attack ads.…

    • political consultants

      always advise against taking those questionnaires. Obama took one when he was running for the Illinois senate, and I’m sure the GOP has an attack ad ready to go about how Obama for for banning the sale and manufacture of all guns.

  • It all stinks...

    I just want the darn primary to be over so everyone will stop the bickering and name-calling. I’m glad I don’t live in the 4th or the 2nd…so I don’t have to deal with ANY of it.

    So what if Meyers doesn’t win this one. It’s his first time around, for Pete’s sake. He’s made a big splash, run a valiant and well-run first-time campaign and has a very bright future in Iowa politics. So he spends two or four happy years with his beautiful wife, continuing his education and strengthening his political ties for the next time he should happen to run. All I’m saying is…


  • William J. Meyers entry on Project Vote Smart

    …was linked by lorih, but to make this absolutely clear, here is the information printed there, which is almost identical to the text in the diary about Becky Greenwald:

    “William J. Meyers repeatedly refused to provide any responses to citizens on the issues through the 2008 Political Courage Test when asked to do so by national leaders of the political parties, prominent members of the media, Project Vote Smart President Richard Kimball, and Project Vote Smart staff.”

    The same text is also printed for Kevin Miskell.

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