If You Wrap Gifts, You Are Environmentally Unfriendly

Merry Christmas to all of you.  I know I'm probably not the most liked person on this blog, but I enjoy the dialogue and this is a fun site to check out. 

It is probably good the Internet was not a real big deal when I worked (I'm retired) or I would not have gotten as much done.  Ha.

Speaking of which, I gave my grandkids (I have 3) all presents for Christmas.  However, I did not wrap them.  Putting paper is wasteful and harms the environment.

I hope you did not wrap any presents this year or receive any wrapped presents because if you did…you promoted global warming.

Make it your new year's resolution for 2009 not to get or receive any wrapped presents. 

Just keep them hidden longer.  The best gift you'll give your grandkids is the realization that they are getting a better planet.

  • I don't wrap presents most of the time

    But I save gift bags and wrapping paper from some of the gifts we receive, so I can reuse those for kids’ birthday presents (we get invited to birthday parties from time to time).

    I also save padded envelopes and small boxes so I can reuse those to send gifts to my siblings.

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