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Starting up my own blog devoted to Iowa unionism and worldwide class struggle. Been a rank and file activist in the workers' movement for a few decades, and recently moved to des moines. Check out Class War Iowa-



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  • Socialist?

    Are you a socialist?

    I don’t really care for class warfare, myself.  I will read your blog, however.

    Do you think the federal government should bailout the auto industry?

    Do you think all workers should be forced to unionize?

    What are your thoughts?

    • socialist of course

      democratic socialist, like Eugene V Debs, Mother Jones, Walter Reuther and Michael Harrington.

      The auto industry should be nationalized and put under the control of a public board composed of representatives of the workers and the public. We are nationalizing companies now under George W. Bush, only they are just handing money to the same CEOs that ran our country into the ground.

      Workers being forced to unionize? I don’t know what planet you live on, but it doesn’t happen here. On our planet, bosses commonly run intimidation campaigns with captive meetings and fire pro-union workers. I think you must live on the Foxnews planet.

      • class war exists already

        and about the class war – its been going on at full blast for about 30 years. the rich declared it against the working class around the time Reagan busted PATCO. if you haven’t noticed, the parasites have been stealing billions of dollars from the producing class for the last couple decades, ur living standards are stagnant while CEO pay has gone through the roof. they close plants, move them to china (part of the capitalist system now) and pay workers abroad 10 cents an hour in slave labor conditions, and the stalinists do not allow free labor unions (so the capitalists love them now).

        • welcome to the Iowa blogosphere

          You are going to help people understand what a socialist believes and advocates for, which will be an eye-opener to those who believed Barack Obama was a “socialist.”

          I’ve been accused of “communistic” writing myself, even thought I am much more of a liberal than a leftist.