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WORKERS OCCUPYING the Republic Windows & Doors factory slated for closure are vowing to remain in the Chicago plant until they win the $1.5 million in severance and vacation pay owed them by management.

In a tactic rarely used in the U.S. since the labor struggles of the 1930s, the workers, members of United Electrical, Radio and Machine Workers of America (UE) Local 1110, refused to leave the plant on December 5, its last scheduled day of operation.

“We decided to do it because this is money that belongs to us,” said Maria Roman, who's worked at the plant for eight years. “These are our rights.”

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Jobs With Justice has launched an email campaign for these workers, aimed at Bank of America, which is behind management's actions.

Hold Bank of America Accountable
Only weeks after taking $25 Billion in bailout money, Bank of America is turning its back on hundreds of workers making energy efficient doors and windows in Chicago by refusing to continue credit to Republic Windows and Doors.  To make matters even worse than putting 300 people out of work, Bank of America has instructed Republic to refuse to pay workers compensation they are legally entitled to, either earned vacation pay or the severance pay legally required under the WARN Act, in lieu of proper notice of plant closing.

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  • I was pleasantly surprised to see

    that Obama spoke in support of these workers:…

  • Illinois Governor Rod Blagojevich

    today ordered all business the state of Illinois has with Bank of America to be transferred to other banks. Holy cow.

    Supposedly about half of Americans do business with Bank of America. That is potentially a large number of people who could boycott the bank, but it also means that the bank has a huge customer base to absorb any loss of business from a boycott.

  • Bank of America is feeling the heat

    will provide some kind of loan to Republican Windows:…

    But the protest is still on for tomorrow.

  • Iowa plant?

    Today I heard the company was opening a new plant in Iowa to replace the one they are closing in Chicago.  Does anyone know where the new plant is going to be?