Shop at Walmart, get your credit score lowered

Have you just started shopping regularly at Walmart? This may be a sign that you haven't been doing so well financially. At least that's what some credit card companies think, because reportedly your credit card score can be lowered if you shop at the retail giant:

Shop at Wal-Mart, obviously a sign of financial distress, and your credit limit gets lowered. Hallelujah!

This is from American Express, which has now decided to hunker down and simply lie about their habit of doing this. Compare and contrast the following news accounts. When Kevin Johnson returned from his honeymoon last year he got a letter from Amex saying, “Other customers who have used their card at establishments where you recently shopped have a poor repayment history with American Express.”

So not only is Walmart driving our jobs and suppliers overseas, but its cheap goods is now relegating its customers into the status of poverty-stricken

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