Iowa meatpacking capitalist exploits mentally disabled workers

Horrifying story in the Register today. Why did it take the state so long to act? This is shameful.

Our libertarian Republican friends will say state regulation is unnecessary. Those libertarians should see this.

Company accused of exploiting disabled; state closes home

By CLARK KAUFFMAN • • © 2009, Des Moines Register and Tribune Company • February 8, 2009

Atalissa, Ia. — Federal police, state health inspectors and county prosecutors descended on this eastern Iowa town over the weekend, launching a major investigation into the care and treatment of a group of mentally retarded men and ordering an emergency evacuation of the men's living quarters.

The investigation focuses on Henry's Turkey Service, a Texas-based company that for 34 years has employed dozens of mentally retarded men who work at the West Liberty Foods meat-processing plant in Muscatine County.

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  • Check this out

    from La Vida Locavore,…

    The Meatpacking industry just seems nasty across the board.

  • Republicans are not really libertarians

    They are only against government regulating corporations–they have no problem with government getting involved in certain types of individual private behavior.

    Anyway, the story at the center of your diary is truly disgusting. I read at Radio Iowa that the men who were maltreated have been moved to a facility in Waterloo, where I hope they will receive better care.