Rooting for Failure

Rush Limbaugh is not a big fan of Barack Obama. That part is not surprising.

However, this quote from Rush is…

I want everything he’s doing to fail … I want the stimulus package to fail … I do not want this to succeed.

I was not a big fan of George W. Bush, but it wasn't always that way. I began not to like Bush after numerous failures during his prescidency. There was the Iraq War, Mission Accomplished, Katrina, tax cuts for the wealthy, torture, domestic spying, just to name a few. I didn't root for him to fail even though that is all he seemed to do as president.

What Rush and the Right is doing is completely different. They are rooting for Obama's failure because it would lead to their personal gain. Rush would get better ratings and more money. Republicans would have a better chance at getting elected. It would also lead to the demise of our great country.

I am sorry, but putting one's own well being before country is what I call unpatriotic.

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  • I wonder how the dittoheads

    who have been laid off in the last six months feel when they need a job and hear Rush say he wants the economy to stay in the tank.

  • I can't stand Rush, but...

    Even though Rush is an egotistical blowhard asshole from hell, I can’t really find it in myself to take fault with him in this statement.  

    Everything Obama stands for is antithetical to the direction Rush wants this country to go.  Of course he wants Obama to fail. For Rush, a failure of Obama’s policy agendas is not so much egotist as existentialist.

    And I’ll own it right now, I wanted Bush’s foreign and domestic policy agendas to fail, from. day. one. I actively prayed that Bush’s foreign and domestic policy agendas would fail. I worked my ass off to try and convince others in the U.S. leadership to try and help see to it that Bush’s foreign and domestic policy agendas failed.

    And to think, it’s come down to this. I never thought I would see the day that I would end up defending that stupid little asshole, Rush Limbaugh.

  • The Republican Mantra

    Isn’t this the basis of conservative/Republican thought? You succeed because of your own personal effort. Everyone for himself. You only deserve what you can take. You have no responsibility for anyone other than for yourself and your family. Rush is just being a conservative, wanting to win on the failure of others, specifically most of the country.

  • Bankers are evil, and so is Rush

    This is definitely unAmerican.  When your personal greed is more important than the well-being of your country, you’re on the wrong side of things.  Rush Limbaugh’s power over the radio makes this borderline treasonous, in my opinion.  Now, I value free speech, but I have no patience for revolutionaries with a huge microphone, especially when most of his listeners are passionist idiots.  Rush Limbaugh needs to be eliminated from the top tier of popular voices in this country.  Where are the liberals that will stand up to these people?  Why is it that Foxnews and Rush dominate the media?  This has to be a serious issue on every stability-loving American in this country.  Rush and Foxnews are dangerous.

  • EltonDavis

    I have no sympathy for your claim.  Why would you have wanted Bush’s foreign policy to fail?  I was hoping for the best, but realistic about the likelihood that it would turn out well.  It wasn’t that I wanted it to fail, but that I knew the likelihood of its success was so little and the illegality of its execution so questionable.  I also certainly did not want his tax cuts to fail.  I just didn’t believe they were the right approach and I would have rather been wrong than see them fail.  Why root for failure?  It doesn’t make sense and its antithetical to society.  So, you’re just as bad as Rush.

    • Thanks for your reply...

      I appreciate where you are coming from.  

      Also, please do not mistake me for a liberal because I comment here.  I work very hard at what I view to be a “progressive” agenda, and actively support those independent voices in the media that seek to challenge Rush, Fox News, and their ilk.  

      And perhaps I am not entirely objective at this point, I admit that.  FYI, I endured some fairly stiff consequences for speaking out against what I perceived to be an attack on the U.S. Constitution by Bush and allies, including three months of federal detention at Leavenworth as a prisoner of conscience.

      I dislike Rush Limbaugh intensely, I dislike his positions, but he still has the right to speak his opinions.  To deny Rush the constitutionally protected freedoms of speech we are “supposed” to enjoy is to stoop to the level of those bastards that tossed me in prison.  

      If openly disagreeing with policies that I feel are irresponsible and dangerous is tantamount to treason, then by your reckoning I may indeed be as bad as Rush Limbaugh.

      As for denying Rush the right to speak his opinion to the contrary? I simply will not go there.