Boswell Pushing for Expanding Amtrak in Iowa

Rep. Leonard Boswell is pushing for a feasibility study of Amtrak service from Chicago through Iowa to Omaha.

Iowa's Third District Congressman Leonard Boswell has asked that AMTRAK study the feasibility of extending a proposed Chicago to the Quad Cities passenger train not only to Iowa City and Des Moines, but also on west to Council Bluffs and Omaha. This is the first time that AMTRAK has been asked by a government official to consider extending service beyond Des Moines. AMTRAK, at the request of the Iowa Department of Transportation, is looking at the feasibility of a Des Moines to the Quad Cities and Chicago train. […]

If passenger train services returns in Iowa between the Quad Cities and Council Bluffs-Omaha, it would use the former Rock Island line. Cities along the route from the Mississippi River to the Missouri River include Davenport, Iowa City, Grinnell, Newton, Des Moines, and Atlantic.

I am definitely on board with this idea.

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  • that's great news

    I’ve been hoping for this the whole time Boswell has been on the House Transportation Committee.

    We would much rather take the train on this route than drive.

  • Leonard Boswell???

    Actually promoted something I would agree with???

    Whoa, cognitive dissonance kicking in…

    Can’t comment now, busy having a stroke.

    • More notably...

      Leonard Boswell is actually doing something?

      I thought he only gave effort when there was a town in need of a post office…

  • Props to Boz!

    I have to give him credit for this one.  I worked actively against Boz in the primary, but I have to give him credit when he deserves it.  I hope he keeps this up.