Life in the minority isn't much fun

This one is hot off Senator Chuck Grassley’s Twitter feed:

Attention Ia legislative business lobbyists:I visit w many Repbli can REPs and Sntors. Don’t take ur frends 4granted.U spend all time w Dem

Part of me is laughing to learn that statehouse Republicans are bent out of shape because the business lobbyists aren’t courting them.

Part of me is crying because nothing good can come of business lobbyists spending “all time” with statehouse Democrats.

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    Poor Repbli can Sheeple aren’t getting their share of the hay those business lobbyists are tossing about.

    Ok, so just tossing this out for what it is worth, which isn’t much. Maybe those damned lobbyists should come up with a targeted .xml RSS feedable PhP powered blog thingie all their own so those poor Repbli can REPs and Sntors don’t feel so disenfranchised.

    How does “Bleating Heartland” sound for a title?

    Told you my idea wasn’t worth much.