Here's how much Sen. Grassley took from AIG

According to, per election cycle:

2008: $26,250
2006: $26,500
2004: $19,750
It's no wonder Grassley's outrageous comments criticizing AIG are too little, too late.  Grassley's only concern is winning his 2010 election…  JOHN DEETH's PREDICTION: (one more term for Chuck so he can pave the way for his grandson who is currently to young to run for the U.S. Senate).  If so, let's ruin his grand plan.  Why didn't Grassley speak out against the executive bonuses?  He could have drawn attention to their excesses and at least tried to change the legislation in the original TARP bill under Bush and the stimulus package under Obama.  Call on Grassley to give back his campaign contributions… bonus pay out.  Hypocrite!
Please consider writing a letter to the editor.

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  • Deeth's theory is also my theory

    Grassley won’t retire until his grandson is old enough to run for U.S. Senate in 2016. My question is, will other Iowa Republicans step aside in the hope that their party will coast on a familiar name? Or will more senior Republicans challenge Pat Grassley for the 2016 nomination?

  • I wrote him a letter last night

    When I saw this post. His hypocracy wont go unnoticed. Whoever his opponent is in 2010, it won’t be a cakewalk.

  • Write a letter to the editor

    I agree. Grassley is well thought of in Iowa.  Peeling away the Democratic voters who usually vote for Grassley is going to be tough.  But like Jim Leach he’s a snake in the grass.  Grassley may be worse and to make matters more difficult it’s not just a district, it’s the entire state of Iowa.

    Getting an early start may go along way.  Of course we’ll need a good candidate as well if we have any chance at all.  

  • What are we gonna do about Harkin, though?

    Look at his big three contributors;

    Herbalife?  His biggest contributor of all time is an MLM scheme?

    TPG? A “private equity firm” whose sole purpose in life seems to be to forced leverage buyouts and then raid the subsidiaries for profit?

    And right there in the top three, Monsanto? Purveyors of chemical and bio GMO ag products?

    I don’t expect much from Chuck, honestly, I don’t. Tom on the other hand???

  • Monsanto?

    That’s not good news.  Expose him, try to put pressure on him to admit it was a mistake taking their money?

    Tell me more about Herbalife.  I’m not familiar with that.

    • Here's Herbalife's Link...

      Basically, they are a Multi-Level Marketing company, i.e. “pyramid scheme” that barely skirts the legislation that makes it illegal to engage in a pyramid scheme.

      They rely on people buying in as distributors, and then doing all the work of selling their crap at a very marginal profit.

  • Thanks

    The only way to get the attention of our elected leaders is to embarrass them in public– op-eds, letters to the editor, lots of them.  I know I sound like a broken record, but I worked as a volunteer on the Loebsack campaign in 2006. We began a letters project hitting Leach hard on his votes and continued for months until election day–by the time Leach figured out what we were doing he couldn’t catch up.  During the campaign one of Dave’s staffers mentioned to me that Leach distributed [at our district parades] Native-American headbands (incl. feather) with Leach’s name on the headband but he didn’t do it in Iowa City & Coralville because of complaints.  There were also pictures on his website.  After a week of hammering him in the op-ed pages of our local papers he agreed to stop–sent us an email.

    I won’t spend much time on Harkin since he’s just been re-elected to another term even tho’ I share your concern.  But I would encourage you and perhaps your friends to submit LTEs to the Register–I know Harkin will see them.  You may get a reaction from him.  

    I’m going to focus on Grassley.  We’ve just begun a letters project exposing his excesses.  This website is a good watchdog for that.

    I hope this helps.