Tell us if you get robocalled about gay marriage in Iowa

I cross-posted my piece on amending the Iowa Constitution at Daily Kos last night, and Daily Kos user InMyLifeIowa wrote,

this weekend I received two robo calls wanting me to call my leaders to tell them not to support gay marriage. I hung up. Not even worth listening to it.

If you get a robocall on this issue, please do not hang up the phone. Grab something to write with, take detailed notes, and post a diary here afterwards. Be sure to listen until the very end of the call, when they are supposed to indicate who paid for the call and provide a phone number.

Click here for more advice on what to do if you get push-polled on this or any other issue. We need to know what opponents of marriage equality are doing in Iowa.

If you are a respondent for a legitimate survey about gay marriage in Iowa, please write down as much as you can remember about the questions and the firm conducting the survey. Last week I wrote up a Republican poll on the 2010 gubernatorial race in Iowa. If you write up a current poll in that level of detail, I will promote your diary to the front page of Bleeding Heartland.

  • Robo-push-polled

    DMD; I haven't been PP'd for weeks, but at the time of the inauguration, I had 3 robo calls from conservative action groups.

    My home phone is an ideal place to hear the muck - the phone number hasn't been changed in 50 years and it's always been the church parsonage.  Many preachers before my wife were GOP leaning and certainly conservative.

  • Roxanne Conlin has been Robo PP'ing Everyone I Know...

    But it's for One Iowa, including me, just five minutes ago.  My 8 y.o. daughter was not impressed. Roxanne is her buddy's gramma.  She just sighed when she heard the voice on the other end, and said, "It's Roxanne, I think it must be for you", and tossed the phone in my lap.

    Her mom is out giving a talk on the decision to a student LGBT group just now.

    Nobody reporting an opposition call yet.

    • I love Roxanne Conlin

      I'm surprised I haven't gotten that call yet. I got robocalls from One Iowa's executive director over the weekend.

      • You may love Roxanne...

        But you don't have an 8 y.o. gymnast p.o.'d about having her friend's g'ma interrupting "Dancing with the Stars", starring her gym rat buddy, Shawn.

        I actually think the kid does get a kick out of Roxanne in the flesh, though.

        My opinion on Roxanne?  Two words; Uber Yenta. She's a trip.

  • A friend got a Robo PP'd today...

    It featured Steve King, dunno who for or anything.

    1st question the robopoll asked was if this person supported the decision.

    This person said "yes", and the response was, "Thank you for your time." click

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