Steve King Robo-Poll

This is just a short diary to let y'all know that Steve King is doing a robo-poll in Johnson County.  After introducing himself, King asks if you are a registered voter, then if you think that marriage should be one man – one woman.  At that point, my wife answered No, which was apparently the wrong answer because they hung up on her.


I'm not sure why he's doing this in Johnson County.  It might be an effort to ID social conservatives, or he might be trying to build name recognition in eastern Iowa.  Has anyone else gotten one of these polls?

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  • this is happening across the state

    I’ve heard from several people in central and western Iowa too. Apparently the call is being paid for by the National Organization for Marriage.

    We need someone to say they disagree with the Iowa Supreme Court ruling and take detailed notes on the rest of the call.

    • robo-pushpoll call about one-man/one woman marriage

      I received the robo-call April 9. I live in Creston, (Union County, southwest IA), we are in King’s district. I was ready for it because they had robo-phoned the previous day asking if I was a registered voter. King must be the “familiar introductory voice” used to hook the caller.  My question was also “one-man, one woman”, and I answered no.  I’m VERY suprised these calls are going out with his name to households outside of his district!!  Of course he’s the standard bearer for the far right conservatives in Iowa now. And I agree, its to boost his name recognition – for a run for governor I bet.

  • Steve King and the gay marriage robocall push poll

    What I find most ironic about this push-poll robo call is that the gay marriage court decision is a STATE issue.  Steve King is just using the issue and DOM to serve his own aspirations; and the Defense of Marriage group is using him.  A couple of hypocritical political whores.  

  • I got this

    I got this call either last Saturday Apr 17 or Tuesday Apr 20.  Not only is King rolling all across the state, but they’re paying for at least 2 samples or a VERY long field time.  I live in rural Story which went 54% McCain in the last election and historically goes 2:1 GOP.  Anticipating a push, I answered wrong and got the hang-up as well.  They’re apparently only keen to rile only the supporters up.

    • thanks for letting us know

      Now we need someone to give the answer this group wants so we can see where they go with the call.

      • oops

        i live in des moines and i just got this robo-poll. unfortunately i hadn’t heard of this before and answered “no”, so the search for what happens when someone says “yes” continues.