Help support "ACES" legislation. Action Alert

Right now, Congress is debating the details of comprehensive energy and climate legislation. The proposals being discussed would create standards for increased renewable energy and efficiency and put a 'cap' on greenhouse gas emissions. With this legislation heading towards a full vote in the House of Representatives, we have reached a key point in the debate – right now, Congress needs to hear your voice in support of a strong climate and energy bill. Please, take a moment to send a message to your Representative and help us pass this crucial legislation.

With your help we can move away from the disastrous environmental policy of the past 8 years and move towards combating climate change. While creating jobs of the 21st century and developing cleaner technologies that are and will continue to power our country.

Right now, Congress is debating the details of comprehensive climate and energy legislation known as the American Clean Energy and Security Act

ACES would move America towards a clean energy future by requiring a Renewable Energy Standard of 15% by 2020

ACES would also make needed investments in energy efficiency, requiring a minimum 5% reduction in energy usage through efficiency programs by 2020

This comprehensive approach with efficiency, renewables and a cap on carbon emissions will reduce greenhouse gases and long term costs on consumers

  • I am working on a post about this

    I have been reading so many different assessments of this bill. A lot of the provisions are disappointing and seem to fall short of what needs to happen.

    Does ELPC think there is a chance the bill could be improved as it moves through the legislative process?

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