Bob Krause in 2010

I recently took a break from politics after the election in November, but politics is a very addicting thing, as many of you know.

At a recent event in Des Moines I had a chance to listen to Howard Dean and meet with Senate Candidate Bob Krause, about a single payer option.

I had been in contact with Mr. Krause since 2007, online mostly, as he headed the Iowa Democratic Veterans Caucus, and was a tireless worker for veterans in Iowa. Mr. Krause really wowed me, not only by his record (which you can find here but also because he is really motivated to win this race even though it will definitely be an uphill climb.

Ever since the end of the 2008 election I had wondered about this seat. I thought I would take on a “wait and see” approach because of the rumors of Vilsack running for senate and the very daunting task of knocking off someone like Grassley, who finished something like 70% t 20% in 2004. But, Bob Krause is the real deal, he is campaigning now as if if it was October 2010, and I believe he is what we need to put up the best possible fight against Chuck Grassley.

Here is Bob's Website:

And his facebook Link if you wish to catch up with him through there


Thank you for your time and attention


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  • thanks for the update

    Krause is talking about the right issues and seems to be working hard already. Having a strong candidate in this race can only help Iowa Democrats at all levels.

  • Happy to Support Krause

    I’d be more than happy to support Bob Krause, and I think he may have a real chance against Grassley.

    I have one question, though: I heard a rumor that Bruce Braley was considering a run against Grassley. Do you know if there’s any truth to this?