Weekend open thread: 100 days of marriage equality in Iowa

Technically, 103 days, but who's counting?

So far my marriage has not collapsed under the strain of sharing rights with gays and lesbians. The worst thing that's happened to me because of marriage equality was making a faux pas when I ran into an acquaintance I hadn't seen in a long time. She's been living with another woman for at least 15 years, so I asked if they had gotten married. She looked surprised, then said, "Oh, we're not...that way. I mean, I know everyone thinks we are, but we're not." Oops!

This thread is for anything on your mind this weekend.

I thought the American Psychological Association struck a good balance this week in adopting a resolution that rejects "reparative therapy" to change someone's sexual orientation, but "urged therapists to consider multiple options - that could range from celibacy to switching churches - for helping clients whose sexual orientation and religious faith conflict."

UPDATE: Congratulations to former Republican Congressman Jim Leach (IA-02), whom the Senate confirmed  by unanimous consent to head the National Endowment for the Humanities. That job is a perfect fit for Leach.

Radio Iowa's Kay Henderson posted a detailed write-up with audio of Senator Tom Harkin's Saturday town-hall meeting on health care reform.

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