Iowa is top-ranked state on workers' comp

I saw on the Iowa House Democrats' blog that the Work Loss Data Institute recently released "2009 State Report Cards for Workers' Comp, using the most current data available at this time." Excerpt from the summary:

Similar to past releases of this report, the 2009 State Report Cards also provide five different outcome measures compared among the states for each year: (1) Incidence Rates, (2) Cases Missing Work, (3) Median Disability Durations, (4) Delayed Recovery Rate; and (5) Key Conditions: Low Back Strain. An essential requirement for production of this report was the proprietary crosswalk program that has been developed by Work Loss Data Institute, which converts OSHA-reported data into an ICD9 code format.  More details on the methodology used are located at  

Iowa performed the best of all the states for 2006 and Minnesota came in a close second. Both states received a grade of "A+" based on an average of their 2006 scores in the five categories above. Illinois came in last, with Wyoming, Rhode Island and New York very close to the bottom. In total, nine of the 43 states received a grade of "F" in 2006. A summary of each grade for all states is shown on a U.S. Map Showing Grades by State, located at

In terms of the tier ranking system, the Tier I states are Iowa, Kansas, Minnesota, Utah and Virginia. Tier I means that the state had an average grade of "B+" or better, and a trend going up or level. Those five states were doing great and continuing to improve.

Look for Iowa Republicans to keep claiming that this is a terrible place to do business despite the conclusions of independent analysts such as the California-based Work Loss Data Institute.

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